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Dogs and Kids

As a child I remember always wishing we could have a dog, I pestered my parents relentlessly and the only answer I ever seemed to hear was a firm ‘no’! The reasons given were always the same every single time, ‘we will end up looking after it and the novelty will fade’.

When you are younger you do not really comprehend the importance of owning a dog so my question is ‘can children learn how to look after a faithful friend?’ In my own opinion I think they can with help, advice and guidance.

One of the initial lessons to teach is the fact that your new canine addition deserves to be treated with nothing but respect and love at all times, no grabbing the tail, ears or legs. The younger your children the rougher they tend to be as they do not understand what they are doing as fun is actually hurting their new found friend.

Show them how to be gentle and lead by example, let them see how to stroke the dog nicely and talk softly to him or her.

Another important factor to teach children is the basic care a dog requires such as feeding and exercise. Obviously I am not saying to give your young child the full sole responsibility of caring for the new family member, with your assistance they can learn how much food and what kind of food their canine chum eats.

You can measure their food and permit your child to pour it into their bowl for them or if your dog is eating canned food then pop it into the bowl yourself but encourage your child to mix it around for them with a fork/spoon allocated for your dog’s food.

The idea is just to let them see and make them aware regarding the responsibility of feeding the dog, tell them about their drinking water and how fresh it must be at all times. It will probably work better if you change the water unless you wish to have an incredibly wet floor! Play sessions between children and dogs can be a bit of worry especially if you have a particularly excited puppy/dog and child all mixed in together. Ensure that they are all monitored and join in with them as there is nothing quite like everyone, including the family’s faithful friend all joining in and having fun.

Walking can be great fun with everyone involved, take a hike through the local woods or a trip to a dog friendly beach. If your child is very young they can still be involved in their pushchair on a dog walk and this is a great way of introducing them to the world of doggy exercising.

So my own personal thoughts are that yes children can be taught about the responsibility of looking after their new canine chum with guidance and there is nothing quite like the true bond which is formed between a child and their dog through the years.

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