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Doggy Presents

So we here are again folks Christmas is drawing closer by the minute and it is the time of year we all run around like crazy idiots buying presents for everyone and, if you are anything like me, your dog will be included on your Christmas list!

So what is safe to give as a canine present? The selection available is pretty vast these days so you have a lot to choose from. There are numerous Christmas selection packs or stockings for dogs available containing a number of items such as doggy treats and generally a toy. You could opt for a Christmas dog toy for your faithful friend, perhaps you could splash out and afford one of the more expensive ones seeing as it is for Christmas. The Tuffy range of dog toys are produced from four layers of strong material with another seven rows of a nylon webbing and stitching, they are of an exceptionally high quality and designed to last this does not mean however that they are totally indestructible! The Tuffy toys are priced around the £20 upwards mark so not your every day dog toy.

You will find numerous novelty dog toys around from vinyl to plush in the shape of Santa, snowmen, reindeer etc, etc just remember to always monitor your pooch at play, do not be tempted to eat your Christmas dinner whilst ‘Fido’ is left alone and unsupervised with his brand new toy. When you see him/her again they could be surrounded by toy stuffing and looking proudly at the remains of their new addition!

It can be dangerous to leave them unattended as they could easily swallow a part of the toy such as the small squeaking unit from the inside and this could cause them harm, not a great way to end your Christmas day sitting at the vet with your canine chum.

A new doggy coat would go down well with you but I am not so sure it would win in the popularity stakes with your dog! Buying a new collar and lead could work but again I am sure your dog would prefer something else on the actual day.

There are loads of doggy treats around on the build up to Christmas including longer lasting treats such as jumbones and hide products; you can find cards for your dog which are also edible. One year I even bought a hide and munchy roll Christmas pudding styled doggy treat for mine. All dogs have their personal favourites; one of mine lives to play whilst the other lives to eat! So I tend to compromise and buy a couple Christmas stockings with a good assortment of both treats and toys in them.

You could make up your own goodie bag for your pooch, just buy a cheap bag of some sort and fill it with all the things you know your dog adores, this way at least you are certain everything will be enjoyed.

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