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Doggy Hygiene

Bathing your dog is important but it is not a crucial task that has to be carried out each and every week, if you bath your faithful friend too much you run the risk of effecting the natural oil content in their coat. You really only need to bath your dog once every few months but there are other areas of doggy hygiene that should be carried out more frequently.

Tasks such as brushing your dog’s teeth and cleaning their ears are imperative along with checking them regularly for ticks and fleas.

There are many products available for cleaning your dog’s ears including wipes, these are designed for wiping around the ear and very gently inside the ear. Never poke anything such as a cotton bud into the ear canal as you could easily cause damage. If your dog starts to shake its head or hold its head to one side it could be an indication that your dog may have an ear infection. Another sign could be if the ear is also emitting an odour . The best course of action in this instance is to take your dog along to the vet who can administer some ear drops.

Brushing your dog’s teeth is always a challenge! It is never too late to introduce your dog to a dental regime, it might take awhile to convince them that the experience is an enjoyable one  but it is not an impossible task.

There are a couple of different types of toothbrushes available, ones which look similar to ours and special finger toothbrushes which are similar in appearance to thimbles. You will need to purchase some doggy toothpaste which is meat flavoured and designed to be appetising to your canine chum.

The easiest way to gain your dog’s interest is to pop a little bit of the toothpaste on your finger and allow your dog to become used to the taste and then gently introduce the toothbrush. Ensure you reach the back of the teeth and try to make it part of your normal daily regime with your dog.

Always check your dog regularly for fleas and ticks, the easiest time to do this is when you groom your dog. There are several good products available to use on your dog for fleas and ticks both to eradicate the problem and also as a preventative measure. As always if you are after any advice always consult your vet.

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