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Doggy Holidays

The long, hot days of summer are upon us and it is at this time of the year our thoughts turn toward a lovely relaxing holiday, whilst all the planning is taking place where exactly does the faithful canine chum of the family fit into the arrangements?

There are two basic options the way I look at it, the first is to place your dog into kennels or with a sitter the other is to allow your dog to join you and your family on your vacation.

The first option always used to be viewed as the cold choice to simply pop your dog in kennels whilst you swanned off on your holidays but these days the whole kennels concept has considerably altered. A firm favourite now throughout the world of dog owners is to leave their faithful friend with a doggy sitter; the nice point here is that your dog is in a home environment and very often with other canine chums for company.

A friend of mine leaves her dog with the same family a few times throughout the year and the sitter has sent her pictures of her dog lying in the sunshine with the family’s guinea pigs! Now this is a Greyhound we are talking about here who is usually more interested in hunting small critters down than languishing in their company.

The secret is to allow your dog the opportunity to grow accustomed to the sitter and their family prior to your holiday, perhaps leaving them with the sitter for the odd morning and then building this up to a day and then eventually overnight stays. If your pooch is not particularly keen on other dogs sharing his/her space than most sitters will arrange for them to be the only dog present at the time, this is not usually a problem as the sitter themselves would much rather avoid any doggy conflict situations.

If you go for the second option and take your chum with you then there are plenty of holidays available out there for both you and your doggy companion. Numerous holiday parks accept well behaved dogs on their sites and this can include camping in a tent or staying in a caravan or chalet. The campsites generally have a good selection of amenities available and usually include areas for safe dog walking.

Many guest houses and hotels throughout the UK accept dogs and even offer your canine chum a comfy bed and a tasty breakfast. These can be a great option as they are normally located within close proximity of local walks for you and your dog to enjoy.

Then of course there is always the option of travelling throughout Europe with your dog as long as they are in possession of a current pet passport. So as you can see there are plenty of choices to be made when it comes to taking your summer vacation.

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