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Doggy Dry Nose

As dog owners we are used to seeing our canine friends with a wet or moist nose which is normally fairly cold to the touch, as we invariably discover first thing in the morning as a wake-up call!
But what if your dog’s nose looks and feels dry? Do not panic as it is perfectly normal for their nose to be dry from time to time and it is probably due to the temperature around them, if it is a particularly hot day then your dog’s nose will probably just dry out slightly. Ensure that there are no other symptoms such as cracked skin or flaky skin on the actual nose area, observe your dog to see if he / she is constantly pawing at their nose as though it is irritating a lot.

Look to see if the skin pigmentation has altered in any way is the colouring still the same? If you use a plastic bowl to feed your canine pal then it could be that your dog has developed an irritation due to an allergic reaction to the plastic, allergies to plastic bowls are quite common in both cats and dogs.

Before you jump to your own conclusions regarding your dog’s dry nose seek the opinion of a vet, they will more than likely recommend you to a veterinary dermatologist. They specialize in skin problems amongst animals and should be able to offer help and hopefully diagnose the problem.

You can also ascertain your dog’s temperature by using a couple of simple methods yourself. If you feel your dog’s tummy it will give you an indication of their temperature, it will generally feel lukewarm so if it is feeling hotter than normal then the chances are that your dog is running a temperature.

You can also check if your dog is dehydrated at all by gently lifting the fur and skin on the back of their neck; if this is springy and falls back into place easily then there is no problem but if it takes awhile and is slow to return to its original position then your pooch could be slightly dehydrated.

Another way to check your dog’s health is to gently check their gums; they should be a pale pink colour; as we always advise you must seek the help of a vet if you are concerned at all about your dog’s health.

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