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Digging Dogs

A lot of dogs enjoy digging, some breeds more than others. The terrier breeds are amongst the worse dogs for digging they seem to actually thrive on it! Puppies also love to dig, it is a new experience for them and once they discover the pure delight to be gained from digging there is no stopping the little dears!
Now this is fine if you have a less than perfect garden and perhaps you are not really that bothered if your puppy or dog digs down to Australia. For those dog owners who like to own dogs and at the same time enjoy gardening and planting flowers a digging dog is their worse nightmare come true.

Dogs dig for many different reasons. During the hot summer months you might find that your pooch digs a burrow in which to cool off. In the cold winter months it is the reverse and your dog might dig a den in which to keep warm in.

So the first problem to try and solve is the ‘comfort’ side of things for your dog. If you think, through observation, that your dog is digging a burrow for the summer then you need to provide him / her with a lovely cool area to retreat to when it is too hot.
Offer your canine pal a lovely shady spot in the garden, pop a child’s paddling pool in the area as some dogs like to jump in and relax in the cool water. The digging may cease completely through your actions because the dog is not having to work hard now to find a shady, cool place.

If your dog is a winter digging one then again you need to offer a warm place for your pooch to relax. You can purchase relatively cheap doghouses / kennels that are well insulated against the cold. If your dog likes to be outside in the winter but insists on digging a warm den then this might well help.

Puppies are a different matter altogether. They dig because they like digging so the behaviour needs to be broken. When your pup begins his excavating in the garden just say ‘no’ in a firm voice and show him / her an alternative activity such as a toy. Puppies and dogs sometimes dig through being bored so offering them a toy or another option to keep them occupied will help.

Ensure your dog receives enough exercise because if they have a lot of pent up energy stored they will be inclined to take out their frustration on your garden.

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