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Dieting Dogs

As the weather warms up for the summer months ahead our thoughts start to turn towards our weight, hiding under the layers of winter clothing is not possible now so we begin to think of ways to lose weight. Now our canine chums are much the same as us, obviously not literally as they do not wear clothing in the first instance but they will find any excess weight a burden in the hot weather.

The first thing to ascertain is whether your dog is actually overweight and the easiest way to do this is to look down on your faithful friend when he/she is in a standing position, you are looking for your dog’s natural body shape to slope inwards at their waist to show that they are not overweight.

You can also lightly run your hands across your dog’s sides from their front to their back and see if you can feel their ribs at all, if you cannot then the chances are that your dog is overweight. Are the bones in the base of your dog’s tail easy to feel? If they are not then again the chances are that your dog could be overweight. If you are still unsure then pay a visit to your vet and request a weigh in as this will provide you with a definitive answer.

As with humans the simple rule for losing weight is to eat less food and to exercise more, if you are used to ‘free-feeding’ your pooch then now is the time to stop. Your dog needs to have more of a controlled eating regime if he/she is overweight as simply helping themselves when they feel like it can be a disaster for many dogs, the problem is they are natural scavengers and will generally consume what they can when they can. Purchase a proper measuring scoop or beaker as this will make the process easier as you will be able to see at a glance what amount you are feeding.

Reduce the doggy, and non-doggy, treats which you feed your dog after all he/she does not require a reward for everything and if you do feel that a treat is completely justified then choose one which is lighter in calories.

As for exercise you should not have any problems encouraging your dog to either go for a walk, a jog or simply chase a ball. Most dogs love the outdoor life and this is especially true when the weather’s good. People’s lives are busy these days but this should not be an excuse, you need to find the time to exercise your dog whether you involve the kids or take your dog with you on a cycle or jog, there is always a way.

Treat your dog with kindness when it comes to their weight and health as I am sure you would like to see your faithful friend running towards you aged 10, healthy and full of life.

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