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Diet and Exercise

The two basic components to keeping your faithful friend happy are diet and exercise, very simple but also very important. Now if the choice were left to our canine chums they would probably choose to eat everything in sight and run around playing to their little heart’s content! Luckily the decisions are not left for our dogs to ponder over as we make the choices for them.

One of the main decisions to make is the type of food you feed your canine chum, this can be very daunting and especially so to new dog owners as there are so many different brands and types of dog food available.

Some owners will feed only dry food, or kibble, whilst others will only ever feed their dog tinned food. This really comes down to a personal choice and of course it goes without saying that it also helps if your dog actually enjoys the food you are feeding him/her. I was recommended to feed a dry based food by my vet as it is cleaner and has the added advantage of keeping the dog’s teeth healthy.

There are many dogs that prefer a softer type of food therefore a meat/tinned food would be better for them and also dogs which may have certain food allergies to contend with, the best advice is to discuss your dog’s diet with your vet. Do not forget that your dog’s diet will also alter as they travel through their life, from puppyhood, adulthood and then eventually into their senior years. There are many brands of dog food which follow this natural progress and allow for the changes by providing various foods for various life stages; complete some research and discover the best food for your particular dog.

Just like humans if your dog does not receive enough exercise he/she can become overweight and develop health issues so a daily routine is imperative to your dog’s general condition. Remember even the small breeds require exercise and the giant breeds appreciate a daily trundle even if they are not built for their agility skills or ability to run for miles they still need exercise.

Try and mix the routine up a bit if you can to avoid boredom setting in for both you and your dog, perhaps you could do a woodland walk or a park walk then maybe some road walking thrown in too as this will help your dog’s claws to remain short. A beach visit is always a firm favourite with dogs as most enjoy the water, if you cannot manage a beach how about a safe river, lake or even a stream?

Play and interact with your pooch as much as you can as this is vital for both of you to be able to form a bond and maintain that closeness and loyalty. Look after your faithful friend and he/she will stay just that, faithful friend.

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