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Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

When people consider welcoming a new puppy into their lives they don’t always think about the security side of things, security for their puppy that is. It’s a legal obligation to ensure that puppies/dogs wear a collar with an identification tag attached to it anyway but it’s also strongly advised to have them microchipped.

Microchipping is a very simple procedure, it was introduced in 1989 & since then many owners have decided to have their canine chums done. One advantage is that your puppy will not need an anaesthetic although some owners do wait until their pup is being spayed/neutered & whilst they’re having the operation they can be microchipped too. My pups have had their microchips done when they’ve had their second routine vaccination but it’s really a personal choice to be honest.


Canine Kennels

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

The mere mention of the word ‘kennels’ & most dog owners would recoil in absolute horror at the thought of their beloved pooch staying in them. Images would be conjured up of rows upon rows of cold, metal cages with no heating or comforts at all, in reality though most kennels are comfortable & friendly places.

These days there are numerous options regarding where to place your canine chum when you go away on your holidays. Actually you don’t even have to place them anywhere if you’d rather not as you can pay for a pet sitter to look after them in your own home. Make sure you use a reputable sitting business, one of the best ways of finding one is word of mouth. Ask around whilst you’re out walking your dog as the best recommendation is from someone who’s already used the pet sitter themselves.


Playful Puppies

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Puppies love to play & if they could stay awake long enough would play all day long! They learn so much through play & it’s a vital part of their growing up process.

So how can you play with your puppy? Well the secret is to not allow the play sessions to become too rough as the only lesson learnt from this by your puppy is that it’s okay to be rough. Now whilst this might seem a great idea at the moment when your puppy is so small & innocent it probably won’t be so appealing when your puppy’s grown up to be a big, strong adult dog.