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A Closer Look in Canine Arthritis

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Canine arthritis is becoming one of the most common health conditions in puppies. Yes, what you read is right. Even these energetic, little dogs can suffer from this bone and joint disorder. Most owners tend to overlook this situation as signs of fatigue and restlessness. But canine arthritis is more than that.

While older dogs are more prone in experiencing arthritis, puppies, especially those of larger breeds can suffer from arthritis and other joint condition like hip dysplasia too. Why? Since larger puppy breeds obviously have a huge difference in body composition compare to others, a trauma or joint injury caused by excessive weight is very common. Aside from being overweight, degenerative defect in joints can also cause inflammation and pain in canine arthritis. Saint Bernard, German Shepherd and bulldog puppies are just some of the breeds that are commonly affected by this joint disorder.

This joint condition is characterized by different symptoms depending on the different factors such as the puppy’s breed and body condition. Weakness is the initial sign of canine arthritis. This may be the period where the joints and the bones become inflamed. Later on, there will be signs of pain that will cause limping or not being able to move at all. Lethargy, characterized by lazy and sluggish activities is another warning sign in canine arthritis. This condition is very painful. It is expected that there will be whining, barking or crying of little pups as they try to ease the pain.

Fortunately, canine arthritis can be treated in different ways. Owners can choose from the different methods and alternatives available to treat their puppy’s condition. Supplements in form of flavored capsules and medications are the most common treatment used for canine arthritis in puppies. There are also natural alternatives like Omega 3 fatty acids that can be used to cure this condition. Make sure that the medications are mercury-free since this compound can pose serious danger to the puppy’s health. It is very important for owners to treat this condition as early as possible to prevent greater damage for the puppy’s health.  Doing this can benefit both the owner and their pet letting them continue their happy and active lifestyle.

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Puppies and their Toys

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Puppies and their Toys

Puppies need toys to keep them occupied especially when you are busy doing other tasks. However, it is not recommended to give them any toys you can find. Choosing the right toys for them depends on different factors.

First of the things you need to consider in choosing the toys for your puppy is their breed and size. For smaller breed like Poodle and Chihuahua puppies, the toys should be smaller as well. But keep in mind that it should not be that small for your puppy to choke on it. This goes the same for larger breed of dogs like Saint Bernard, German Shepherd and Great Dane.

The material used for the toy should also be considered. Obviously, it should be not so soft or not hard enough for them to bite. Giving them a cuddly and soft toy is a good start but you also have to make sure that these toys are durable enough to withstand the continuous chewing of your puppy. Aside from the usual puppy toys, you can also give them interactive toys to help them stimulate their mind and can keep them occupied at the same time while you are busy doing other household chores.

These soft toys are highly recommended for bulldog puppies too. Since bulldogs drool a lot, washable stuffed toys can literally help them absorb excessive saliva while keeping them occupied. There are also bulldog puppies for sale offers that come with free toys and activity sets depending on the seller.

You have to also keep in mind that the quality is always more important than the quantity. Most cheap toys are made from low quality materials that can be destroyed easily with a puppy’s regular force. These materials are good enough if they last for a week or two.

Choosing the best toys for your puppies is just one of your many responsibilities as their owner. Knowing the things that you need to consider, it can also be one of the easiest task you can accomplish for them. By considering the things mentioned above, you can surely find the right toy for your puppy and let him enjoy a happy and active lifestyle.

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Choosing a Good Veterinarian for Puppies

Monday, May 9th, 2011

It is the owner’s responsibility to have their puppies checked by a veterinarian on a regular basis, may it be for vaccination or general check up. The veterinarian as we all know is someone who can take care of our pets when it comes to their medical needs. It is very important that your puppy’s veterinarian is good enough to handle this responsibility.

What are the characteristics of a good veterinarian? A good veterinarian should have more than enough experience and knowledge to take care of your puppy’s medical needs. He should be competent. He should also know how to handle himself in various situations giving you an assurance that your beloved pet is in good hands.

A good veterinarian takes care of his office well enough. He has his office clean, well-organize, and free from any pet’s odors. How his workplace look greatly reflects his commitment to his chosen profession.  His office should also be both owner and pet-friendly. His office should be a place where both you and your pet feel comfortable whenever you pay him a visit.

A good veterinarian is also a pet lover. He is known by most pet lovers in his neighborhood because of his outstanding deeds and commitment to pet care. He does not boast about his accomplishments, because his achievements will naturally speak for him. He is humble enough to have a good relationship with owners and most especially their pets. He is aware that pets may sometimes exhibit aggressive behavior, especially because of anxiety brought by their first time visit to the veterinarian’s clinic. He knows how to calm them down without using blunt force.

Aside from having a good relationship with your puppies, a good veterinarian should also know how to communicate with you to explain your pet’s condition subjectively and clearly. He can also provide classification if needed. He should offer you with more than one option or alternative for the puppy’s medical needs.

Most importantly, a good veterinarian should have a medical license as a proof of his professional capability to provide your puppy’s medical needs. Medical license is given to professional health practitioners who completed all the necessary pre-requisites to practice medicine for animals. This license is not automatically given to all who finished the course. A series of examinations passed are required to be granted with this license. Therefore, a medical license is a very important proof a good veterinarian should have. You should also be careful of posers who are pretending to be one.

A good veterinarian should be easy to find. To find a good veterinarian for puppies is an easy task especially if you know the characteristics of what a good one should have. Finding your puppy a good one will benefit the both of you. Aside from the fact that your puppy will get all his medical needs, you as the owner can be rest assured that the person whom you’re entrusting your puppy’s health and life is capable to help you maintain or even improve your puppy’s health condition.

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Cats and Dogs: A Call to War

Friday, May 6th, 2011

From the very start, cats and dogs were not meant to be the best of friends. It’s their natural instinct to feel like fighting when they come across with one another. Using their paws and claws to defend themselves, the “war” between the two continues.

Scientific and unscientific rationales behind the fight between two of the most favorite human’s pets have become some of the most common talks in town. There were folk lore and myths about how these two become the worst enemies from being the best of friends.

According to some stories, cats and dogs were actually good friends before. There were different versions of the stories. One of the most popular of these tales was about the cat backstabbing the dog to gain their owner’s trust. Another one was about the cat putting the blame on the dog for the bad things he did. In the end, the dog got spank by the owner and swore that he will never befriend the cat again.

There was also another version of the story where dogs got angry with the cats because of an important tax letter eaten by rats. Putting the blame on the pitiful cats, the dogs swore not to trust cats again thus, creating more conflict.

How they react with each other’s behavior amplify the tension between them. It creates a big misunderstanding issue between the two animals. For example, when they first met each other, dog’s initial purpose may be to play with the cat. However, because of the dog’s intimidating physical appearance, cat will react negatively to their presence.

A dog wagging his tail may show that he is in good mood, but it may look the other way around for cat where tail wagging means war. A dog sniffing his new buddy is a welcome sign but cat on the other hand, would not want this kind of greeting.

Cats and dogs are territorial animals. They want to protect their territory as much as possible. When one of them crosses the “borderline” it may cause a new wave of war between the two.

These pets living in the same roof is still possible though. Because of the different dog trainings available nowadays, some cats and dogs learned how to live together.

Cats, kittens, dogs or puppies, as long as their owners know how to train them the right way, these pets can surely live a peaceful and happy life living together.

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History of Bearded Collie

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

During the ancient times, Bearded Collie puppies were known in different names. Some of these common names where they were recognized were Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog, Mountain Scotch Collie, Loch Collie, Hairy Moued Collie and Hairy Moued Collie. Today this dog breed is most commonly known as “Beardie”. This breed became popular during the last half of the 20th century.

When someone heard the “Collie” as part of its name, they often relate this breed to the famous Lassie, a Rough Collie that made it to the television and the big screen. In reality, there is no relation between the two breeds. The word “Collie” in Bearded Collie refers to its origin that describes its function.

This breed of dogs was recognized to be the oldest breeds in Britain. There were different stories and theories about the real origin of this breed. The most common theory was that Bearded Collie comes from cross breeding Polish Lowland Sheepdog. A pair of this breed was brought to Scotland by Polish traders. From this pair, a hardy breed of canine was born.

For years, Bearded Collies are used for herding and assisting various farm duties. This was the reason why this breed was known to be one of the most recognized working dogs in history. Bearded Collie has earned their nickname “bouncing Beardie” because they would work in thick underbrush on hillsides.

The working Bearded Collie has become less common in the last few decades. Unlike other breed of dogs, these dogs were not bred in US during that time. The Bearded Collie did not make it onto American soil until the late 1950s, and was not bred in America until 1967.

Today, Bearded Collie has become one of the most popular in puppies for sale UK shops. Aside from soft fur, they are surely worth to have inside the house as pets.

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Taking Care of Saint Bernard Dogs and Puppies

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Saint Bernard dogs are indeed one of the biggest breed of their kind. Taking care of them may mean having big responsibility as well. Of course, as an owner, you don’t want your fully grown Saint Bernard puppy hurt you unconsciously just because they are bigger than you.

They key in taking care of Saint Bernard puppies is to train them while they are young. Teach them to be calm and how to obey your orders, and their large size should not be a problem.

Taking care of Saint Bernard pups at an early stage is easier. You, the owner, don’t have to worry about anything aside from building the foundation of your relationship. As the bond between the two of you goes stronger, he needs to socialize with other people. For obvious reasons, he needs to learn how to live with people around him. No one would want a big, aggressive dog anyways.

Saint Bernard puppies are energetic. They need an active lifestyle to keep up with their big body physique. You need to keep in mind that this breed is prone to canine arthritis, osteosarcoma, and hip dysplasia. Because of this reason, it is very important to keep him active with daily exercises and give him the right nutrition he needs.

After organizing a proper exercise and feeding schedule, begin the “manner” training. This is to control his dog temper when around other people, especially children and babies.

Having a Saint Bernard puppy in the house is such an enjoyable experience. Taking care of him properly will give both him and his owner the benefit of having a good relationship.

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The Importance of Vaccination for Puppies

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Dogs, especially puppies are very sensitive to their environment. This means that they are also prone to bacteria that may cause moderate to severe health conditions. Fortunately, newborn puppies get the protection they need from their mother’s first milk. It provides them the antibodies they need to fight against the harmful radicals. However, this protection will wear off after they reached their sixth week.

During this stage, puppies need to be vaccinated in order to be protected. There are different kinds of vaccination for puppies. Modified distemper vaccines are given to puppies to boost their immune system and will be in its full effect once the antibodies from their mother’s milk wear off. This vaccine will protect them from diseases for a year. After one year period, a new vaccination should be given to the puppy.

A series of regular vaccinations are given to little dogs with three to four weeks interval each. This includes heartworm, anti-rabies and booster vaccines.

Heartworm vaccines are preventative vaccinations given to puppies to fight against heartworms and intestinal worms that are present in their bodies since birth. Anti-rabies vaccines are given to them when they reached six months of age. Booster vaccines help prevent leptospirosis and hepatitis in puppies.

Vaccination for puppies is one of the things owners need to consider when buying a new one. As for example, there are many puppies for sale available in both offline and online market, however, only a few of these sellers are selling vaccinated puppies. This means the puppy may not be as healthy as it supposed to be.

Vaccination for little dogs is very important to keep them healthy. Even though these vaccines are given in a different interval depending on the puppy’s health condition, the general practice of puppy’s vaccination will always be the same.

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Why Bulldogs drool a lot and What their Owners can do About it?

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Bulldogs are one of the most popular dogs in history. Aside from their distinct physical appearance, it’s their drooling that makes them one-of-a-kind. Yes, there are other dog breeds that drool a lot, but most bulldogs are drooling non-stop compared to others.

As much as we love our bulldogs and their puppies, they’re never-ending drooling becomes bothersome and annoying especially for first time bulldog owners.

There are different bulldog breeds. While some of them may drool less than others, majority of them are little worse. British Bulldogs are good example of bulldog breed that drools endlessly. But what is the real reason behind this? Why do bulldogs drool a lot?

The reason behind why bulldogs drool a lot is the size of their face together with the loose skins that hang on it. The more loose hanging flesh on their face, the more they drool. Every time they drink anything, they will drool. Unfortunately, there is no way owners can prevent that drooling.

Another “wet” habit of British bulldogs is shaking his head back and forth when they are near their owners as their way of showing affection. Obviously, that is too much of their affection.

In this case, owners can train their pet not to shake their head while they are next to each other. They should also keep in mind that every time they eat or drink anything, their beloved pets will definitely drool. It is best to not let their dogs eat by their table to prevent unwanted circumstances. Some owners put bandana or any cloth on their pet’s neck to take care of the drooling.

Even though there is no way to prevent bulldogs drooling, owners can do something to prevent the “side-effects” of this bulldog phenomenon.

Owners can dry their pet’s mouth to reduce the chance of getting rashes on their skin. With all the excess drooling of bulldogs, most of them may develop lip-fold dermatitis. This skin disorder is consistent with bulldogs with hanging upper lip and lower lift fold caused by accumulation of food and saliva.

It takes a lot of effort and understanding to be a bulldog owner. If you think you got what it takes to be one, there are different puppies for sale stores online where you can choose from different bulldog breeds before buying one. Not all of them drool a lot after all.

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