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Roadside Manners

Friday, April 8th, 2011

I think most dog owners would like nothing more than to be able to leave their home and walk their beloved canine chum without the need for a lead, to offer their dog the ultimate in freedom but alas for most of us this is not an option due to safety matters. Even the best-trained dogs will be tempted, when walking alongside a busy road, if they spot a cat wandering around on the other side of the road or catch a doggy pal they know trotting along the pavement on the other side. In my own opinion, I think it’s very risky walking alongside a road with your dog off the lead when there is traffic hurtling up and down.

Therefore, some roadside manners need to be taught to your dog as soon as possible, so they will trot along nicely and safely by the road. The point of the training is not just for your dog either as motorists must be considered too, if your pooch zooms into the road unexpectedly, a driver will have little chance of avoiding them. Your dog has then not only been hurt but several motorists could be involved too.

Brushing their Teeth

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Like humans, puppies need their teeth to be brushed regularly. Since they can’t do it themselves, it’s our responsibility as their owners to do it. Brushing puppy’s teeth in the first eight to sixteen weeks of his life is very critical. When puppies start to lose their teeth, foul breath becomes a problem. Also, this time is when they are most sensitive to dental diseases.

Puppies will start to lose their “baby teeth” between four to six months of age. Incisors, the front teeth are the ones lost first. The new adult teeth will push out the “baby teeth” until it has fully taken its place. Puppies more specifically need proper dental care to ensure that their new teeth will be healthy.


Heroic Dogs in History

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Taking care of puppies and dogs has become part of our daily lives. Other than that, our beloved pets can save lives too. Trained or not trained, most dogs feel it when something is wrong with their owner or something is happening in their environment.

Let’s start with Barry. Barry is a Saint Bernard dog from Switzerland who has saved at least 40 lives from avalanches in the most dangerous roads of St. Bernard Pass from 1800 to 1812. One the most famous of all Barry’s heroic deeds is when he rescued a child he found on the top of an icy ledge. When Barry found the child that was chilling because of the snow, he licked the child’s face to keep him warm and awake. When the snow began to fall harder, the monks found Barry and the child. The child was carried on Barry’s back and he carried him all the way down the mountain even though he was not trained to do that. Because of Barry’s heroic deeds, his remains are displayed in the Swiss History Museum.

Aside from Barry, Togo, a Siberian Husky from Nome Alaska have saved lives too. It was 1925 when a deadly epidemic swept through the young lives in Nome. Other than the malfunctioning aircraft which is the only way to get the serum to cure the epidemic, there are no other modes of transportation that can be used at that time. Togo, together with his master Seppala led a group of sled dogs from Nome to Anchorage and back to deliver the serum needed by children affected by the epidemic. Togo and his group ran through the most treacherous stretch of ice in Norton Sound. They faced a strong 40mph gale with wind chills of almost 80 below zero. The team ran more than 200 miles from Nome and back for that serum run.

Chips, the war dog, has played an important role during World War II. He is a German Shepherd that takes the role of a tank guard dog in Italy, France, Africa and Germany. At some point during the war, he dragged a phone cable across the raging and deadly battlefield so that his platoon could make a call for backup. There is also one event on a beach located in Sicily, where Chips and his handler came under fire because of a hidden pillbox. Chips sprang from his handler and dove straight to the enemy’s emplacement making them surrender. At the same night, Chips alerted his troop about a surprise Italian attack. His troops promptly captured the attackers on the same night. For his heroic deeds, Chips received a Silver Star and a Purple Heart award.

Belle, a Beagle is the first canine to win VITA Wireless Samaritan Award. These awards are given to individuals who used a cell phone to help in an emergency situation, prevent a crime or to save a life. Belle has saved the life of her owner in 2006 by calling 911 using her owner’s cell phone. Weaver, Belle’s owner, had his blood sugar dropped at very dangerous level. Belle was trained to call for help during these circumstances. Because of Belle’s quick response, she was able to call for help and save her owner’s life.

There are more than hundreds of dogs that are recognized in history because of their heroic deeds that has saved lives of real people. These are real dogs with real stories. This is a proof that heroic dogs do exist not only in movies but in real life too.

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K-9 Dogs

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

I think most of us have seen at least one k-9 dog. K-9 dogs are also known as police dogs. These dogs are highly-trained canines. Some of these dogs are also trained by high-rank police officers since they were puppies. These canines are trained to assist in different police and law-enforcement operations.

The official use of K-9 dogs as part of the police force was recognized in Europe in the year 1859, where dogs are used to patrol with the night shift officers. France, Germany, Hungary and Austria followed the trend years after. K-9 dogs have significant roles in search and rescue, public order enforcement, cadaver and various detection tasks.

German Shepherds are known as all-purpose police dogs since they are very effective in both search and rescue, bomb and cadaver sniffing operations. They are also big enough to be attack dogs trained for catching fugitives and protecting the police officer handling them. Other breeds trained to be police dogs are Dogo Argentinos and Doberman Pinschers. Labrador Retrievers and Springer Spaniels are also effective in sniffing out bombs and drugs. Beagle police dogs are also used in airport operations because of their friendly appearance. These police dogs are trained to be calm and unfazed by regular noise from the crowd and environment. These dogs only react to certain triggers or stimuli if they are ordered to do so.

Because of this, German Shepherd puppies for sale are becoming more popular in different puppies online selling sites. German Shepherd and other police puppies for sale are a lot cheaper than trained K-9 dogs. As for example, you can buy an untrained one for £700 but when they are trained they are already sold for £1200.

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