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Rainy Dogs

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

When I acquired my first puppy, a Border collie, I remember having doubts regarding taking her for a walk in the pouring rain for fear of her catching pneumonia. I also thought she might find the whole concept of the cold rain on her body a little scary, in reality my concerns could not have been further from the truth if they tried!

My little pup did not only enjoy the rain she thrived in it, splashing through every single puddle she came across and rolling in the glorious mud.

Puppy Parties

Friday, August 13th, 2010

You have probably read the title of this particular article and have now conjured up all these images of puppies wearing party hats and sitting around consuming jelly and ice-cream! The term ‘party’ is used loosely and is intended to mean more of a gathering than a literal party. Most vet surgeries will possess information regarding local puppy parties and if you enquire with a local dog training group they will generally know too.

They are designed as the initial stepping stone for puppies prior to training classes but even if you do not envisage your pup attending classes a party is still a good idea. The concept behind them is to introduce puppies of a similar age to each other in a safe and controlled environment, they are not going out for walks as of yet and will all be in the same position. It is nice for the ‘humans’ accompanying their little bundle of fluff because by this time they are normally going slightly stir-crazy prior to their puppy going out for walks!

Water Dogs

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Many of the natural behaviours our canine chums exhibit on a daily basis we assume are just that, natural. From barking, sniffing and rolling in unmentionable items to rummaging around for scraps to swimming we simply take these canine actions for granted and think they are natural to all pooches, but are they?

We consider swimming to be so natural we have even named a stroke after it the ‘doggy paddle’ but do all dogs take to the water as easily as ducks do?

Teaching Your New Puppy

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Numerous puppy owners face the same dilemma when starting out with their first puppy, when exactly do they start their training? The simple answer is as soon as possible, the hard part is actually following this through!

As we all know puppies are cute, no matter what their breed and this cuteness leads to problems for most people. Training must include discipline, even a non-coercive method of dog training must have a level of discipline for your puppy to comprehend, the difficulty arises when the time comes to gaze upon those melting eyes and adopt a more serious tone.