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Must Chase

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Some dogs seem to be programmed to give chase to anything and everything that moves from the smallest bird to the biggest person, if it so much as flinches it is chased!

Now whilst running after a squirrel is not a great hobby for your dog, let alone the squirrel when your dog decides to move up the ladder and chase bigger running things such as joggers it can prove to be very awkward for you as their owner. You always seem to be apologising and making excuses for your pooch like, ‘he has never done this before I am sorry’ or ‘he is just protecting me and wished to scare you away’.

Away From Home Training

Monday, February 1st, 2010

There are more and more dog owners signing up for training programmes for their dog which involve them being away from home. The concept is that a misbehaving pooch is delivered to a training school and then collected when they are ‘fixed’ the dog trainer will then spend time with the owner teaching them the basics of the training.

Now there can be several reasons for an owner to tread this path regarding their dog’s training. One reason could be that they have tried and given 100% effort to train their dog but they simply do not seem to be achieving the positive results they were hoping for, some owners may have encountered problems with training and due to this fact it is taking much longer to train their dog. If the owner has not allowed for the extra time involved maybe they cannot dedicate the additional time to a training regime.