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Dancing Dogs

Your faithful companion can now complete all their obedience training on command and with lightning speed. The minute you ask your dog to ‘sit, wait, lie down or stand’ he/she does it instantaneously and you have to admit that it does look impressive to observers and it makes you feel proud.
Okay so now what? Your dog can do the basics what more is there? It is so important to keep your dog’s mind active and to continue their training, do not simply leave it at the basics, carry on and progress. This is especially important if you happen to have a working breed or a very active dog. The question is what do you do next? Well there are agility classes or flyball which are both wonderful sports for both dog and owner to compete in or if you fancy something totally different then how about taking part in some dancing with your dog?

This is a great activity and one which just about every breed of dog can do. You need to ascertain what your dog can do naturally and what he/she enjoys doing and then incorporate this into your dance routine. So if your dog can walk backwards or turn around or lie down these can all be used and the advantage is that you do not have to teach these commands to your dog from scratch as they can already do them, you are simply going to include them in a routine to music.

Dancing with your dog is a great bonding exercise for you both simply because it is fun and because it is just you and your faithful companion working on it together. Choose some music which matches your dog’s personality and character, if you have a Border collie you would probably be selecting a relatively fast piece of music and if you have an English bulldog you would require a slower piece. Ideally you are looking to have music which compliments your dog’s natural movements.

The next step is to think about your dog’s strengths and weaknesses, your dog could be very agile but this could be accompanied by being extremely stubborn or they could be very energetic but possess the attention span of a snail.

You also need to be completely honest with yourself and identify your own strengths and weaknesses. Are you agile, athletic and graceful or are you clumsy, uncoordinated and a bit like a penguin on land rather than in the water?

The great point with dancing with your dog is the freedom and creativity which it allows you, basically you can do anything that you like. The basic ingredient which you need to have is a natural rapport existing between you and your dog, this will shine through any performance even if the routine lacks a certain technical merit it will not matter because anyone’s heart will melt when they observe an owner and their dog connecting and obviously enjoying themselves.

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