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Curious Canines

Most of us have heard the expression, ‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’ this is not the friendliest of sayings for all the cat lovers in the world or indeed the cats! This same expression can also be applied to the dogs in the world, which are braver than brave and always seem to have their noses stuck where they should not be!

Generally, there are two basic types of personalities, introvert and extrovert, within most of the animal/human kingdom and the canine world is no different; some dogs are reserved and shy and others are ‘in your face’ and anything but shy. The introverts will run a mile when they hear a buzzing fly and dive for cover whilst the extroverts will do everything in their power to snap the fly up for a tasty snack.

Now you would probably think that a braver dog is an easier option to deal with because at least they are not going to run away from you when scared out and about or have to deal with being a nervous wreck for their entire life, this is not strictly true though.

The courageous pooches are often the worst to handle, as they have to investigate just about anything and everything in life. The advantage of owning a more reserved dog is that a little fear can indeed be healthy as they are less likely to discover themselves in as many scrapes and situations as their braver counterparts who rush in without a thought or care. Ideally, you want a dog, which is hesitant, but not petrified. I remember considering one of my dogs as a perfect PAT dog, visiting all the people who cannot make it out and about very easily; this was until I read the ideal attributes in a PAT dog.

They have to be friendly but not smothering everyone in ‘kisses’ friendly, should not jump up or scrounge for food, if an item is dropped by them they should react by moving away but should always return to investigate what scared them in the first place and they should not be too vocal. Well that was pretty much my dogs out on the first count as they are all a little bit too friendly at times and if anyone even thinks about eating a biscuit next to my little rescue dog she is there in a flash to serve as a hoover!

To be honest both personalities will always have good and bad points and all you can do is work with your particular dog’s character, try and assist an exceptionally nervous dog by not over-fussing them and with a brave pooch try and convince them not to explore every situation placed in front of them in life.

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