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Cowardly Canines

Even the bravest dogs can be fearful at times and a sudden noise can send them running for cover. It is never a pleasant sight for dog owners to witness their beloved pooch looking scared out of its wits; their ears pinned flat on their heads and their tails down as far as they can possibly go.

Now the normal and perfectly natural response from people is to wish to offer their frightened dog some affection and comfort. This is however the last course of action you should take. To drop to your knees and practically smother your dog in hugs and kisses and tell them it is okay nothing will hurt them unfortunately is only going to make the situation much worse for your dog.

All you are actually achieving by your actions is reaffirming to your bewildered dog that he/she is absolutely right to be scared and that there is much to fear. This is really not going to assist your dog in the slightest as they will remain scared because you are informing them that it is right to do so.

When you are out walking your dog and perhaps a solitude firework goes off close by or the odd clap of thunder booms across the sky what is the first thing you do? If you are anything like me you probably panic and call your dog back to you, pop the lead on and march off as quickly as your legs can go. This is actually a terrible reaction for your dog to see and after much research and studying my own dog’s behaviour to my reactions in certain situations I have now worked hard to alter my natural initial reaction.

Now when I am walking along and something happens I continue walking and pay no attention to the fact that there was a loud noise, if you observe your dog when you do this you will notice that most dogs will look straight to you to see what your reaction is. Dogs are natural pack animals and as you are a valuable member of their pack they look to you, if you are in a heightened state of panic they will see this and mimic you. All they have to go on is what you do and if you are worried they will understandably worry too but if you are calm they will be calm.

If you are fearful of your faithful friend bolting away through fear then as soon as you hear a ‘scary’ noise do not panic but instead act normally and when you are close to your dog pop him/her on the lead. If you start shouting and screaming your dog’s name they will panic even more, now if they have already run off stay calm and simply whistle or call your dog’s name but in a calm manner and by using your normal tone of voice.

Praise them when they return to you by offering them a small doggy treat, always go out armed with treats as you never know when you might need them!