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Confused About Training?

Okay so you have arrived home with your cute and fluffy puppy and after all the excitement has died down your thoughts turn to training, puppies do not come with a training programme already installed I am afraid so they do require training.

If this is your first experience of a puppy then your initial task will be to complete some research regarding the training side of things. Now although this is obviously the best option as you will be looking for guidance the world of dog training can be a nightmare to negotiate. There are numerous television programmes on the topic, books, classes and of course there are the opinions of other dog owners.

The downside to having all of this information readily available is the confusion factor, by the time you have watched some of the programmes and read some of the literature you are completely bewildered and terrified about even looking your puppy’s way for fear of communicating the wrong message to him/her!

You cannot categorically state that every puppy will learn the same way from using the same training method as each and every puppy is an individual, their personalities and characters usually differ greatly from one another even if they are siblings. Some puppies learn extremely quickly whilst others take longer to digest the information and act on the instruction given.

During your research you will undoubtedly come across terms such as ‘clicker training’ and ‘non-coercive’ and be totally bemused by their meanings. Clicker training simply refers to puppy training through the use of a clicker which is a small plastic box with a device to press to make a clicking sound. This method of dog training is known as a non-coercive method of training because it is non forceful, it is based on a praise and reward theory which means that the puppy or dog will want to please to receive the praise and ultimately the reward. They are not being bullied into completing a command.

Whichever route you follow for training your puppy you will find that they all have one thing in common with each other and that is the importance of communication between you and your puppy. If you do not ask a command clearly and transfer the correct message to your puppy how can he/she be expected to comprehend you? It is also vital that you stop all training if you find yourself becoming impatient with your puppy as he/she will sense your change of mood and this will cause them to feel unsettled.

The best way to ascertain the right training method for both you and your puppy is to go ahead and teach your puppy a basic command such as ‘sit’ and observe how quickly your puppy learns and work out what seems to work best. The keys are timing and consistency with all methods of puppy and dog training.

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