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Common Mistakes

People make many mistakes during the training period of their dog. One of the most common ones is to expect too much from their dog.
The problem is that there are so many programmes produced these days regarding dog training and how it is done, that people’s expectations are high. They wish their pooch to be as well behaved as the one they have just seen on the television.

It is not always that simple though. People tend to forget that the dog trainers seen on these programmes are professional trainers; they make it their business to know and understand dogs in general. Most dog owners do not possess the advantage of being a dog trainer at the same time.

It will take the ‘normal’ member of the public a lot longer to train their dog than it will a dog trainer. I think sometimes the problem can be that dog owners feel that everyone else owns a perfect, well behaved dog. The truth of the matter is though that the trained canine you witness now was nothing like that a few months ago!

People tend to look beyond all the training and the incredible patience that it took to reach the level of impeccable behaviour they are now observing.

Another mistake that is commonly made is that dog owners give up far too quickly. They fully expect their faithful dog to learn everything exceptionally fast; if they do not pick a command up within the initial few days then they never will, according to some owners.

Many people forget to be consistent with their dog training. You cannot expect your dog to differentiate between jumping up when you have your posh clothes on and jumping up when you have your scruffy clothes on. If you are training him / her not to jump up then you must follow this rule all of the time.

Remember that training your dog is never truly over; it should be an ongoing process. Your dog needs to be reminded of the basic training daily. It is a good idea to include simple commands to your daily routine.

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