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Cold Dogs

With winter fast approaching the weather is turning noticeably colder and we are reaching for the sweaters and woolly hats but we are not the only ones feeling the colder temperatures. Our canine chums notice the cold too and we need to help them to keep warm, there are numerous ways to do this.

For the smaller breeds and perhaps the dogs without much fur there are various coats and jackets available on the market, you can even purchase some lovely knitted sweaters especially for dogs. Now you might be wondering how exactly you will persuade your little faithful friend that a sweater/coat is a really good option and that they should really keep it on and not try their best to remove it!

The easiest way is to introduce anything new to your dog on a very gradual basis, pop the new attire on your dog indoors to start with and simply leave it on for approximately 5 minutes, do not make a fuss of your dog just ignore him/her. When you remove the clothing then make a fuss and give your dog a treat, this way they will associate that the way they have behaved is good and it is being praised. You need to repeat this on a daily basis just for short periods of time and then gradually build the amount of time the attire is on your dog.

You will find to begin with your dog will attempt to remove the clothing by any means possible! This usually involves rolling on the floor, biting at it and generally being a contortionist! It is important that you stick to it though however glum your faithful friend might appear and place the doggy attire on every day.

When you return home with your pooch looking all bedraggled and sorry for him/herself it is vital that you dry them off thoroughly, one of the most important places is behind your dog’s front legs. If your dog enjoys the sensation of being blow dried, even better as this is the perfect way to dry them properly. A good time to introduce your dog to a hairdryer is when they are a puppy, you could do this even when your puppy is not wet just simply turn the hairdryer on near your pup to begin with and pay them no attention.

They will soon become used to the noise and then very slowly move the dryer closer to your puppy, talking to them all the time to reassure them. Never point the hairdryer directly at your puppy’s face but just begin with their paws and gradually move your way up your puppy’s body.

If it is freezing weather then take caution when walking your dog near any body of water, if the water’s frozen your dog could easily fall through the ice. If it is snowing then remember that although the snow is great fun and it is nice to see your dog enjoying it the snow will melt on your dog’s coat and make them very wet and cold.

The winter months can be fun just ensure you take a few precautions and keep your canine chum safe and warm.

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