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Clipping Those Claws

Walking your dog along the pavement also has the added advantage of keeping his/her claws worn down as dogs who only walk on softer ground, such as grass, repeatedly require their claws clipping by a vet. You can clip them yourself with a pair of special claw clippers available from most pet stores.

The easiest claws to clip are the transparent ones, then you have the opaque ones and then the worst ones to attempt yourself, the black claws. The transparent claws are the best due to being able to observe the ‘quick,’ this is the blood vessel that travels down the centre of the claw. The ‘quick’ actually grows as your dog’s claw grows therefore if you leave a longer amount of time between clips then the ‘quick’ will be positioned more towards the end of the claw, making it harder to clip.

Ensure your dog is comfortable and gently take a paw in your hand, push the fur clear and locate the dog’s quick. If the claw is transparent then the quick will show itself as a pink colour, in opaque claws it will appear as just a dark colour but in black claws you cannot observe the quick at all.

The aim is to cut the claw just slightly, better to be cautious and not to be in a hurry to remove too much at once. Cut at a slight angle, if you can see the quick then you are aiming below this so you are cutting from the end with the point on back towards the dogs body.

If you happen to make the quick bleed then you can quickly apply some styptic style powder this will cease the bleeding, you can just apply a small amount of talcum powder if you have nothing else to hand at the time, it works just the same and will cause coagulation and stop the bleeding.

You will need to reassure your canine friend continuously whilst you are cutting their claws as most dogs do not take kindly to having it done. My first dog, Jassie, used to fling her paw at me and then turn her head the other way, she would never watch! Murphy sulks when he has his claws clipped and K.c. lays on her back with her legs in the air awaiting the clipping to commence! She absolutely loves it.

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