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Clipping Puppy Nails

Puppy’s nails need to be trimmed at a regular basis. You, as their owner can choose to do it by yourself or bring your pet to his veterinarian to do the job for you. Clipping their nails are important part of their grooming and hygiene routine. It is not easy to trim their nails especially if it’s your first time to do it. It is highly recommended to let a veterinarian do it to give you an idea and teach you how to do it properly.

First and foremost if you want to do this by yourself, you must have the right tools. There are different types of nail clippers for puppies. The most commonly used are the scissor type, files, mechanical and guillotine style clippers. Scissor-type clippers come with two blades, literally just like a scissor. However, this type is not suitable for large dogs. Files can be used to smooth up the rough edges caused by nail trimming. This type takes longer time to use than the others. Mechanical nail clippers are small wireless devices like Dremel or Pedipaws. Guillotine style nail clippers are considered to be the easiest nail clipper to use since you just have to put the claw inside the hole and squeeze it just like a normal nail clipper.

Clipping puppy’s nail help them feel more comfortable and relax while moving around the house. It can also prevent them from getting hurt if it is stuck on any upholstery inside the house. It can literally make them look clean and presentable too. Trimming your puppy’s nails can also be beneficial for you as their owner. You can be rest assured that your house will be free from scratch coming from their claws.  It can also give you the peace of mind that your beloved puppy will not get hurt accidentally because of his own sharp claws.

Puppies will surely be against the idea of someone cutting their nails. They will move a lot and will use all their strength to stop it. But as their owner, it is very important that you continue the routine as they get used to it. While clipping and trimming their nails are not an easy tasks, this will eventually be an additional bonding and quality time for you and your pet.

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