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Clever Canines

It is human nature in life to try and be better than are fellow human beings in the world, you would probably never admit to the fact that you boast from time to time about certain issues but in all honesty we are all a little guilty of ‘showing off’ now and again.

Dog owners can possess terrible bragging skills and are perfected in the art of showing other dog owners just how clever their faithful friends really are! I am the first one to raise my hand and admit I have tended to show off in the past in front of family and friends, my dogs love to perform to an audience and even more so if the observers are armed with doggy treats. I will ask them to ‘turn around’ or ‘wave a paw’ which they dutifully do whilst I lap up all the praise of how well trained they are. Just because the same people do not see these little canine angels turn into canine devils as soon as they leave is irrelevant, the point is that they behave when asked!

So just how clever are dogs? Well dogs base their thoughts and behaviour on instinct, they have the capability to be able to link ideas together but they cannot link actions together. If your dog makes the mistake of chewing an item which he/she was not supposed to chew whilst you are out for the day there is no point in scolding them when you return home. Your dog will not be able to link their previous actions with you being annoyed with them.

A dog’s natural instinct might be to chase cars and this can be controlled by their owner with consistent training and work, the dog will always possess the instinctive behaviour to give chase when cars pass by but the urge has been diverted by the dog being shown a different direction and something else to think about.

We automatically think that our dogs can comprehend what we are saying to them when actually they cannot speak English. Dogs will listen for your tone of voice, the actual sound of the formed word and observe your body language rather then knowing the word ‘sit’ is actually the word ‘sit’.

So in answer to the question then ‘yes’ dogs are clever but a lot of their behaviour is shaped by their individual instincts.

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