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Christmas Present Puppies

Christmas is nearly upon us once again. Excitement and anticipation hangs in the air for the children and there is a general feeling of happiness everywhere.
That is everywhere but in the dog rescue centres across the world. This is the time of the year they dread the most, just when people are busy celebrating the build up to the Christmas holidays they are filled with anticipation of another kind.

Instead of planning how many guests are joining them for their dinner parties they are worrying about how many unwanted dogs are going to show up on their doorstep.

Everybody loves presents at Christmas, both to give and to receive and what could be better than to give a cute, fluffy and bouncy puppy as a gift? Most people’s hearts would instantly melt at the sight as all puppies are adorable. The problem is that unfortunately most people do not look at the bigger picture when presenting someone with the gift of a puppy.

The gorgeous, sweet and small bundle of fluff that has been given will not remain that way for long and will soon be a not so small bundle of fur! The bouncy, little imp on four legs will become the springy, big monster on four legs.

Puppies take up an enormous amount of time. They need almost constant supervision and someone should be at home with them all the time initially. Many people seem to be blinkered though and do not see past the fact of how the puppy looks and miss the whole point completely.

If you wish to give a puppy as a gift just ensure that you are 100% certain that the person who receives your gift wishes to have a dog, not a cute puppy but an adult dog because the one inevitable fact with all puppies is that they grow up.

Be sure you know their situation enough to know if they will be home for their new puppy. Do they have the time to train, walk, play and simply love a puppy? Will they cope with all the ups and downs?

There will be toilet training to complete along with lead work and basic commands. Dog training schools are a great place to head for with a first time puppy as you can gather so much invaluable advice.

Too many puppies are taken on at Christmas time and then abandoned at a later date due to the fact that they have grown into an unmanageable adult dog. Another sad fact that rescue centres are experiencing is that more and more old family dogs are being given up when a new puppy joins their home. This could be a dog that has lived with the family for many years of its life and then is suddenly just thrown away like a piece of rubbish.

This is not acceptable behaviour and is not fair on the dog. All of a sudden the once loved family pet is now an unwanted and unloved dog just to ‘make room’ for a younger puppy.

Nobody is saying that you should not give puppies as Christmas presents but please be sensible and always ensure that the receiver of your fluffy gift actually wants, and has the time for a dog.

Remember the puppy will be there after the Christmas period and for the next ten or so years. The old adage, ‘A dog’s not just for Christmas’ is so very true. Your new festive puppy will still need you long after the last piece of turkey has been eaten!

Christmas is a time for happiness and peace for the whole family and that includes our canine companions whether they are young or old. Do not let your bundle of fluff become yet another statistic at a dog rescue centre later in its life and the same goes for your existing dog, keep it as just that, existing with you.

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