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Choosing a Dog Sitter

When you own a dog there is a lot to think about regarding going on holiday other than the normal plans as you also have to take into consideration your dog’s welfare whilst you are away.

A popular choice these days is enlisting the help of a dog sitter; these basically do as their title suggests they ‘sit’ your pooch whilst you are on holiday. You faithful friend can stay in his/her own comfortable surroundings which will help to ease any feelings of anxiety that they might experience with you being away from them.
So what do you look for when searching for a dog sitter? You might be lucky enough to have a family member or a friend offer to look after your dog which is an advantage as obviously your dog will already know them.

If you are selecting a dog sitter and you have not met them before there are a few simple guidelines which you can follow.

Talk to other dog owners and see if anyone has ever used a dog sitter, mention it to your vet, your dog groomer and to your friends and family. A referral from someone else is always a good place to start as you know that person and their dog have had a positive experience with the sitter.

Always ‘interview’ any potential dog sitter, ask them to pop in for a chat to meet both you and your dog. Observe them with your dog and also watch your dog with them is your dog relaxed and is the person relaxed? There should be no anxiety displayed from the person as they should feel completely comfortable around dogs and it is equally important that your dog feels comfortable around them.

If the person is genuine they should ask a lot of questions regarding all aspects of your dog. The dog’s personality, how they walk on a lead, can they come off lead? Do they have any behaviour issues? Are they nervous? They will need to know about the dog’s feeding requirements and exercise needs.

Arrange for them to visit for a second time and during this ‘meeting’ leave them and your dog alone for a short duration, even five minutes will do whilst you pop to the bathroom, upon your return observe your dog’s mood to ascertain if they seem happy enough or if they seem agitated or worried. This will give you an indication of how the two of them have been with each other in your absence.

Ensure that you request to see some references from other clients and, if you decide to use the person, make sure a contract is drawn up for your own protection.

Above all the other guidelines though trust your instincts, nobody knows your dog like you and if they seem happy and relaxed with the person that is a positive sign that they are the sitter to use.

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