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Children’s Choice

When it comes to selecting a breed of dog that will suit your children it can prove to be a tough decision to make. You obviously need to do a fair amount of research prior to choosing.

There are some breeds that are simply not child compatible, perhaps they have snappy tendencies or are prone to being a nervous breed of dog.

One of the most popular family dogs that always seems to win paws down when it comes to surveys is the good old Labrador. They possess such good natures and are very friendly dogs. Labradors are playful, clever, affectionate and very easy going.

It is not very often that you will hear of an aggressive or hyperactive one. They can be a bit boisterous though so always monitor them around small children. They have a simple desire to always please their owners and are generally wonderful around other pets too.

Next in the queue for popularity is the Golden Retriever, this breed is very similar to the Lab in its nature. Retrievers are very mild mannered and gentle dogs that adore being in the company of people and children. They love playing and especially enjoy a game of ‘fetch’ because of this older children love to run and play with them. Their only fault really is their tendency to moult so they require regular daily brushing.

Okay next up is the gorgeous little Beagle. These dogs make brilliant companions for children due to their smaller size, they are such happy dogs and their tails display this by constantly wagging! They are so friendly and love people, they can be prone to separation anxiety though due to their desire for company.

The sweet Basset Hound is another popular choice for families as they are another gentle natured breed of dog but they can be stubborn. The Bearded Collie is a good choice too especially for slightly older children as they do require a lot of exercise but they are an affectionate breed.

Cocker Spaniels adore children and are also gentle dogs and just like the Beagle they are slightly smaller in size.

Remember when selecting a dog for you and your family that none of the rules are set in stone. You could always come across a snappy Labrador or a Beagle without a wagging tail! The guides and profiles that you read for specific breeds are a general rule for that particular breed of dog but there are always exceptions to the rules so always obtain a dog with caution and common sense.

After all your dog will be with you for at least 10 years and you want the whole family to love him / her for the duration.

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