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Child- Friendly Puppies: Puppy’s Temperament

Different factors like the dog’s breed and its temperament, together with your personality and lifestyle, all sums up as an important role in determining what kind of dog is best suitable for you and your family.

For example, a shy person may find a hyperactive large dog difficult to control. On the other hand, a little dog may not be a good match for an outgoing, adventuresome, or loud person. For a family setting, big families need calm and disciplined dogs most especially those who have children in the house. So with all the different choices available, how do you go about choosing the right dog breed for you and your family? If you are considering buying or adopting a new dog pet, you must first determine whether you want a newborn puppy or an adult dog.

Adopting and buying a new puppy has certain advantages and disadvantages but there are important factors that can be generally use to choose the right breed for you.

First is spotting and observing a puppy’s behavior and temperament. Even if the puppy is very young or just in the right age, you can definitely tell its temperament and behavior.  Within the litter, watch how they run and play to see where each puppy stands in the litter’s pecking order. More dominant puppies will always act bossy by standing over their other littermates. On the other hand, less dominant ones will definitely act submissive by lowering their heads or by rolling over. Observe the puppy you are considering to buy or adopt when it’s alone with you.

Even if you haven’t owned a dog before, there are dog breeds that are less difficult to command compared to others. A great example is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel also known as English Toy Spaniel. They are considered to be really friendly and obedient. They will surely get along good with kids, and they are very loving and devoted companions.

Before adopting or buying an older puppy or dog, learn as much as you can about its behavior, background, and details about its diet. If adopting a dog from another home, ask for their favorite item that the dog can take with him. This will help the both of you in the transition process.

Temperament has nothing to do with a puppy’s size, upbringing or breed. It is something innate in every dog. A dog’s temperament will help determine how easily it can be trained and how good training him can improve its traits. But keep in mind that training cannot change the dog’s temperament, it can only control them.

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