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Cats and Dogs: A Call to War

From the very start, cats and dogs were not meant to be the best of friends. It’s their natural instinct to feel like fighting when they come across with one another. Using their paws and claws to defend themselves, the “war” between the two continues.

Scientific and unscientific rationales behind the fight between two of the most favorite human’s pets have become some of the most common talks in town. There were folk lore and myths about how these two become the worst enemies from being the best of friends.

According to some stories, cats and dogs were actually good friends before. There were different versions of the stories. One of the most popular of these tales was about the cat backstabbing the dog to gain their owner’s trust. Another one was about the cat putting the blame on the dog for the bad things he did. In the end, the dog got spank by the owner and swore that he will never befriend the cat again.

There was also another version of the story where dogs got angry with the cats because of an important tax letter eaten by rats. Putting the blame on the pitiful cats, the dogs swore not to trust cats again thus, creating more conflict.

How they react with each other’s behavior amplify the tension between them. It creates a big misunderstanding issue between the two animals. For example, when they first met each other, dog’s initial purpose may be to play with the cat. However, because of the dog’s intimidating physical appearance, cat will react negatively to their presence.

A dog wagging his tail may show that he is in good mood, but it may look the other way around for cat where tail wagging means war. A dog sniffing his new buddy is a welcome sign but cat on the other hand, would not want this kind of greeting.

Cats and dogs are territorial animals. They want to protect their territory as much as possible. When one of them crosses the “borderline” it may cause a new wave of war between the two.

These pets living in the same roof is still possible though. Because of the different dog trainings available nowadays, some cats and dogs learned how to live together.

Cats, kittens, dogs or puppies, as long as their owners know how to train them the right way, these pets can surely live a peaceful and happy life living together.

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