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Puppy Profile: Affenpinscher

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Affenpinscher “Monkey-Terrier” when translated to German is a toy breed dog that has the impish nature and face of a monkey. This dog loves to act as if he was a big one and proudly struts around.  Its coat is usually black, but there are also some with silver, gray, beige, tan and red coat. The longer hair on the eyebrows, beard and head frames and emphasize more monkey-like expression. Hair on the ears is cut very short. This breed is mostly used to get rid of rodents in granaries, stables and kitchens.

The overall appearance of this breed is far more important than its individual characteristics. This breed mostly described as having a neat but shaggy appearance. Height is approximately the same as its body length from the shoulder to the buttocks, giving it a square appearance. Females are usually longer.

The head is proportion with the body with confident monkey-like expression. Muzzle length is almost the same as the distance between the eyes. The lower jaw is broad enough for the lower teeth to be straight and even. Upper arm length and shoulder blades are about equal. Its chest is deep and broad while the ribs are moderately sprung. The back is level with a strong loin.

Front legs look straight when viewed from any direction. Upper thigh and second thigh length are almost equal to moderately bend with the stifle. The Affenpinscher carries itself with stiff comic seriousness.

Affenpinscher dogs are fun-loving, mischievous puppies. Their appearance, intelligence, and attitude make them good as a house pet, but of course, children, especially babies should always be taught how to handle the dog properly. Their size makes them ideal for apartment living. They are also very active indoors and their exercise needs can be met with indoor activities.

Generally speaking, demeanor is their game. They are inquisitive and alert with great affection and loyalty toward their masters and friends. This breed is generally quiet, but can become violent and vehemently excited if attacked or threatened, but is fearless toward any of its aggressors.

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