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Car Problems

Some dogs take to travelling in a car like ducks to water but then there are those canines that seem to suffer from numerous problems relating to car trips. The difficulties faced can range from car sickness to becoming over-excited.

The initial place to start is to ensure that your puppy/dog is not scared of the car; the easiest way to do this is to simply sit in the car with them without starting the engine. Just sit quietly and relax as this displays to your canine chum that there is nothing to fear and nothing to be concerned about. You can continue to do this on a daily basis for as long as you feel necessary and you can see that your dog is completely relaxed with the situation.

Now move on to the following stage which is just turning the engine on do not actually drive anywhere simply sit with the engine running for a little while and then turn it off and go back indoors. Repeat this for a couple of days and then progress to the next stage which is taking a short trip, just drive around the block or even just up your street and back again. The idea is to let your dog become accustomed to the movement of the vehicle without being in it too long.

Another area you are working on by not leaving the car for a walk is your dog’s level of excitement; you are displaying that simply because you are in the car it does not automatically mean that you are going for some doggy exercise.

Eventually introduce your dog to longer trips and then you can alter the length of the journey and the times the trip is combined with a walk.

Do not forget safety when you travel via a car as accidents can easily happen, an excited dog can quickly end up in the front of the car with the driver if they are not restricted. There are safety harnesses available on the market produced especially for dogs or more and more owners are now using dog crates in their cars these days. Now to some these might seem a little cruel but to be honest they keep your dog contained which is an advantage for both you and your faithful friend.

If you have a companion travelling with you then life will be made a little easier as they can keep a watchful eye on your dog for you, I would still advise the use of a safety harness even if there is someone in the car with you as this will keep everyone safe.

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