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Canine or Human?

A lot of dog owners tend to treat their canine companions as little human beings, to many people their dogs can and do act as substitutes for the family that perhaps they never had or the family that have moved out.

Unfortunately for the dog’s sake being humanized is the worst thing that can happen. Dogs require order and structure in their lives to be content. In the canine world there must be a pecking order and someone in charge. It is a like a massive jigsaw puzzle with every person or dog having a place that they fit into perfectly from the leader right through to the follower at the end.

We mere humans often make the mistake of giving our dogs’ affection and love but not necessarily giving them all the other factors that they require. We think that showering our canine chums with kisses and cuddles is the right course of action to follow and makes both ourselves and our dogs happy.

The truth is though that dogs do not view affection in the same way as we do. To them the constant love that we show without any rules and boundaries is very confusing. Your dog enjoys the feeling of being cuddled but it must be done at the right time and when your dog is in the correct state of mind.

You need to refrain from showing your dog lots of affection until he / she is in a calm and submissive state of mind. If you display love to your dog when they are in any other emotional state such as aggressive or nervous you are simply going to confirm to your dog that they are right to be in their current emotional state and therefore they will remain in that state of mind.

Your dog must be in a calm and submissive state of mind before you even consider showing them affection. Remember to your dog you are the pack leader so you must take control of all situations and show your dog what he / she is meant to do.

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