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Canine Kennels

The mere mention of the word ‘kennels’ & most dog owners would recoil in absolute horror at the thought of their beloved pooch staying in them. Images would be conjured up of rows upon rows of cold, metal cages with no heating or comforts at all, in reality though most kennels are comfortable & friendly places.

These days there are numerous options regarding where to place your canine chum when you go away on your holidays. Actually you don’t even have to place them anywhere if you’d rather not as you can pay for a pet sitter to look after them in your own home. Make sure you use a reputable sitting business, one of the best ways of finding one is word of mouth. Ask around whilst you’re out walking your dog as the best recommendation is from someone who’s already used the pet sitter themselves.

The other big advantage to a pet sitter is that your home will also be looked after in your absence as they’ll be living there with your dog/s. Now if they don’t suggest it, which they should, ensure that they meet your dog/s several times before they look after them. Ask them to join you on a walk so they can see exactly what you normally do, i.e. how you recall your canine chum, how far you generally walk & any other training that you normally complete whilst out walking. The most important factor is how your dog reacts to the sitter as this will tell you everything you need to know, if your pooch doesn’t ‘click’ with the person then you’re not going to be too happy about leaving them.

Another alternative to kennels is a sitter’s home as more & more pet sitters are now setting their homes up as kennels. Very often this includes a very personal touch as many sitters will only take 1-2 dogs at a time to avoid canine conflict or if you have a super friendly pooch it’s an ideal opportunity for them to socialise with other friendly dogs. The sitter will basically become you for the duration of your holiday, the dogs will be walked, fed & loved whilst with them. This is a great idea if you don’t like the thought of traditional kennels.

Of course the obvious solution is to take your dog/s with you on your holidays. Simply select a destination that will accept dogs & off you go, make sure you take everything with you on holiday.  Research the area & make sure you know all the relevant information concerning pet passports etc, etc & above all have a wonderful holiday.

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