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Canine Hoovers

Some dogs just love to eat absolutely everything they come across and their noses always seem to be planted firmly on the ground making the dog resemble a hoover. This can be a funny trait to begin with and actually quite endearing but after awhile it can become frustrating.

You are forever telling your pooch to ‘leave it’ and ‘drop it’ when they look up at you with half a thrown away pasty sticking out their mouth and their tail wagging frantically with immense pride over their so called trophy!

The problem worsens when you discover that your dog becomes ill due to consuming something rotten or poisonous. One of my dogs was rescued from the streets and through surviving by herself she had learnt how to scavenge around for food, this habit has not left her even though she now receives regular meals. A few weeks ago she was extremely poorly due to her stomach containing poison from something she had eaten; the difficulty arises when you wish to combat this problem.

So what can be done? The approach to this particular issue is to achieve prevention rather than cure, the plan is to stop your dog rooting around for all the lovely things to munch whilst out on a walk with you.

Distraction is the key here, I have found that keeping my dog’s interest with a ball and some low-fat doggy treats in my pocket works wonders. Do not allow your pooch to wander off anymore when you are out and about, always ensure they remain in your sight I know this might seem impossible but it can be done.

The alternative is not to let your dog off the lead and this seems a shame or to put a muzzle on your dog so they cannot possibly consume anything that they should not. These should be last resorts though as working with your dog and keeping a closer eye on them on your walk should be your first option. If your pooch is occupied they will not be rooting around, another way is to only let them off lead in big open spaces where you can actually observe them at all times.

Woodland walks should perhaps be avoided until you feel your dog is more tuned into you and not the tasty leftovers on the ground. All those trees and hiding places in woods are not a great idea if you are trying to keep an eye on your canine chum.

If it really does become a major issue and your dog keeps becoming poorly from scrounging around then consult your vet, they should be able to recommend a trainer who can offer you some advice on the best route to follow.

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