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Canine Chef

More and more dog owners are becoming personal chefs for their canine friends these days as they prefer to know exactly what is going in their food; research must be carried out initially though to ascertain the particular ingredients that your dog requires.
Now the best idea is to draw up a weekly menu for your pooch, you will then be able to see at a glance what your dog is eating and it will give you the opportunity to vary the diet fed. The same as humans need a balanced diet so do dogs, they require a good balance of protein, starch, fats and some vegetable foods too.

For the protein intake you can feed your dog products such as meat and in particular red meat or fish as these contain a higher content of protein than white meat however poultry does still contain certain nutrients that your dog needs. Items such as liver and even kidney are of benefit to your dog in small quantities.

The fat content that you feed your dog needs to be kept to a minimum because the meat will contain a certain amount of fat on its own but you can add a small piece of cheese just for the flavour really.

Starch is healthy, again in small quantities, food items such as rice, pasta, potatoes and oats are good sources of starch. A favourite dish that I feed my dogs is a mixture of coley fish and boiled white rice, they love this for a change. Coley is a simple white fish with no airs or graces and the white rice is just plain rice so it is a perfectly safe meal for dogs.

Now when it comes to the vegetable part of your dog’s menu this is pretty much an individual choice, not only for you but also for your pooch. Not all dogs like vegetables and some only eat a select few so it is all down to trial and error. Carrots seem to be enjoyed by a lot of dogs and many also like corn, peas, beans and potatoes.

When you introduce your canine pal to their new personal chef and their new menu ensure that you do it over a period of time and slowly. Place a small amount in with their normal dog food and then gradually decrease the amount of dog food they have and increase the amount of the home cooked diet. It is a case of discovering what food your dog enjoys and learning about the different nutrients dogs actually require to remain healthy.

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