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Camping Canines

So you’re all sorted for your camping trip, everything’s packed and you’re ready for the off but what about your loyal pooch? Will it be a pet sitter or kennels? How about neither and just opt for taking ‘Fido’ with you.

More and more campsites are accepting dogs as part of the family group nowadays and the more that go and are well behaved the more a great example will be set. Always remember to phone in advance and check that your chosen site allows dogs there’s nothing worse than arriving with a car full of excited campers only to be bitterly disappointed because your pooch isn’t allowed.

An important factor to consider when choosing a campsite is the location of the nearest vet, pick a surgery that has 24 hour staffing as this way you know someone will be available if required. Write down their phone number and keep it in a place that the whole family knows about. Take your dog’s vaccination card with you and details of any health issues. Prior to going on your trip take your pooch along to the vets and ask for a complete check up to ensure they’re fit and healthy. Ask your vet to check your dog’s microchip whilst you’re there too and if they’re not already microchipped now is a good time to do it, then if your pooch happens to wander off there’s a much higher chance of him being returned to you.

If you live fairly close to the campsite, it’s a good idea to make several visits with your dog before your holiday, this will help your dog to become familiar with the site and it won’t seem so alien when you arrive. Take him for a walk around the campsite, many of them have off lead areas where they’re quite happy for dogs to come off their leads and run free, just always remember to pick-up after your dog. If campsites accept dogs, they’ll have doggy bins dotted around the place.

Another thing your canine chum needs to be introduced to is the tent. Don’t just assume that your dog will take to it like a duck to water, tents can be scary things from a dog’s point of view. Pitch it in your garden at home prior to going away, leave it up and basically ignore it, your dog’s curiosity will win through in the end and they’ll just have to investigate! When they do, don’t make a huge fuss, this way your dog will see the tent as just an object to accept, it doesn’t mean any harm and is quite friendly. If you can spend a night or two in the tent and try and encourage your dog in with you then great as this will give ‘Fido’ a taste of the nights ahead!

You may be planning to do some serious hiking whilst you’re away, if so then consider your dog’s fitness level, don’t expect your dog to walk for miles with no rest time. Always take plenty of fresh water and a collapsible water bowl with you when you’re out and about, the good thing is that both humans and dogs can share the water but perhaps not the drinking bowl! If you’re covering especially rough terrain check your dog’s paws along the way for cuts and sores, you might want to purchase some special doggy boots for your pooch for protection.

Above all, enjoy yourself and enjoy spending some quality time with your beloved dog.

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