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Bottle Feeding Puppies

Now that you are determined to feed your puppy, you need to really have a bottle to actually perform the task of feeding. Pet stores, veterinary clinics, and pet sections in larger department stores will have bottles specifically designed for nursing and bottle- feeding newborn puppies. If after all the effort and you can’t find one, you can also choose to use a human infant bottle as a substitute.

The actual bottle feeding process of puppies is quite simple. First, mix the milk formula and make sure that it is mixed well and the milk is dissolved as otherwise it will cause the milk’s nutrients to plug in the bottle’s nipple and not be dispersed well.

While waiting for the formula to cool off, make sure that your puppy is lying on his or her belly. Gently insert the nipple into his mouth.  If he doesn’t take the nipple directly, let a small drop of formula fall on his or her mouth to let them taste it. With an extremely gentle prying motion, try to open your puppy’s mouth and insert the nipple. Remember not to use too much force. He should begin sucking naturally afterwards.

Keep the formula warm. Be careful to not overfed your puppy, play safe and allow them to only drink a little less than they desire. Overfeeding puppies may result in certain number of issues that can be detrimental to his health. Let him get used to the feeling of drinking formula from the bottle. It is always recommended to feed a lesser amount of formula while increasing the frequency of feeding sessions. This way, you can also help his body’s metabolism and digestive process.

Like a human infant, puppies need to burp too. In the end of every feeding session, hold your puppy upright against your shoulder and gently pat his or her back.

By doing this, you can help them decrease the possibility of having a bloated belly and lower the chances of them becoming colic.

Taking care of newborn puppies can be very time consuming. It can be really frustrating, worrying and tiring as well. The good news is that if you do it all right, it can be hugely rewarding for you and your puppy in the days to come.

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