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Bonfire Night

This time every year we always place an article on the website regarding the dreaded date in the canine world, the 5th of November. For most dogs it is a distressing time and we feel that the message cannot be repeated enough about how to keep your dogs safe and relatively happy.

Unfortunately the period of time leading towards the 5th can be just as stressful as the fireworks begin so early these days, we cannot always be prepared for those surprise bangs prior to the day but you can be on your guard slightly more when out walking with your dog. Keep your wits about you by being alert, wearing your iPod whilst out is not a great idea as you need to be listening out at all times. Keep your dog’s lead handy instead of popping it in your pocket as then if your dog becomes suddenly startled it might be best to pop him/her back on the lead quickly. This is a tricky one in some ways because the best advice is to not worry your dog even more by panicking yourself and if you are rushing around trying to clip their lead on this will probably alert them to the fact you’re flapping!

Just try and remain calm and call your faithful friend to your side and pop them on their lead, the last thing you want is for your dog to run off from the effect of a loud firework. Dogs generally react in two different ways when it comes to being scared, the first one is to run away and try to hide the other one is to return to their owner for security. To be honest I would place your dog on their lead whichever option they select and just continue walking with them, it is never worse the risk of simply assuming there will not be any further fireworks.

On the actual day ensure you walk your dog well before dusk and that they have used the garden before dark, then close the windows put the volume up on the television or radio and carry on as normal.

If your dog finds themselves a cosy spot to hide in such as under the table or bed or behind the sofa simply leave them to it, the more you fuss the more your canine chum will go into panic mode. Then make their last walk or visit to the garden as late as you possibly can and this way the majority of the fireworks if not all of them will be finished.

This is the worse time for numerous dog owners everywhere and of course their dogs but try to remain calm and act as normally as possible.

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