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Bergamasco History

The Bergamasco dog can be traced back some 7,000 years ago to the Phoenicians who were an ancient civilization of people who were centred around Israel.
Ancient shepherd and cattle dogs were the dogs responsible for the Bergamasco breeds development. They spread from the Orient right through to the Western world, this spread occurred when the nomadic people that the dogs were with travelled.

The Bergamasco’s ancestors discovered their place within the Italian Alps where they were soon chosen due to their intelligence and their ability to work, it is thought that the shepherds who were working the dogs actually kept the Bergamasco’s bloodline a secret. 2,000 years ago the Romans claimed that the breed of dog was the best at herding sheep that they had ever used.

Bergamasco’s are more than likely related to Briards, the all time favourite dog throughout France. They very nearly became extinct during the time period after World War II but they managed to survive and the Bergamasco fanciers that were present at that time ensured that the breed was made popular once again.

The Italians adored the breed and often ‘employed’ them to be guard dogs and to assist with the herding. The Bergamasco proved to be such an intelligent breed of dog that a handful of them were used in the search and rescue field.

A shepherd was concerned because one of his sheep had lost her two small lambs during a storm, he encouraged his Bergamasco to sniff the sheep to obtain her scent and then he sent the dog off into the wilderness.

When the dog came back alone the shepherd lost heart but the dog ‘told’ the man to follow him which he did, the brave dog ventured out into the storm leading his master right to the frightened, cold lambs.

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