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Bath Time and Your Puppy

Whether it’s your puppy’s first time to take a bath or not, it is very important for us owners to make them feel comfortable and safe all the time during this pet grooming process. Generally, puppies don’t need a bath until they are five months old. During this time, puppies are very sensitive to cold temperature. Having your puppy get used to bath time can be an extremely challenging task. Even though puppies can get used to regular bathing, it is always best to take all the necessary precautionary measures. In reality, your beloved dog can get mad at you because they don’t like the feeling of being wet.

In order for your puppy to get comfortable in bathing, you need to make sure to find him a nice warm and comfortable “bathing spot”. It could be the sink, the tub or even the garage. Make sure that he can properly stand up while you’re bathing him because slippery floors cannot give him the proper footing he needs; this will make him feel uncomfortable.

As for the water, make it warm enough to make him feel relax but not too warm to hurt his skin. Warm bath together with massage can help your puppy stimulates his muscles and other body functions. Also, use the appropriate dog soap and shampoo when bathing him. Since puppies may have sensitive skin at first, it is recommended to use mild soap and shampoo.

Start washing his body and finish off with his head. When rinsing him off, hold his head up to make sure that the soap will not hurt his eyes. Yes, just like babies, their eyes can be sensitive too.

Let your puppy dry off on his own or you can also use a hair dryer at a very low setting to dry him up. It is also recommended, if possible, to let him dry out in the sun.

Humans need to take a bath regularly in order to maintain cleanliness but puppies on the other hand don’t. Daily dog bathing is not advised. Usually, two to three months interval between baths is recommended. Puppies just need their coat brushed and groomed to maintain their cleanliness.

Bathing your dog is part of proper pet grooming. Make this a habit for your beloved pet to keep him/her clean and healthy.