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Basic Words

When it comes to puppy/dog training, you have to choose your words carefully as it’s very easy to confuse your canine chum. Each word needs to sound completely different from the next. The words also need to be short and snappy; you don’t want to feel as though you’re reciting a novel to your doggy pal just to ask him/her to sit down!

The whole word needs to have a different sound, now ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ both start with an ‘s’ so you could choose ‘wait’ instead. There are so many options that there’s really no need to use the same sounding words at all. I started with ‘lie down’ and ‘leave’ and then realized that they start with the same sound so altered to just ‘down.’ It’s very important that you prefix your commands with your dog’s name and this is especially true with puppies, it’s a great chance to teach them their name.

Always ensure that everyone within the household is aware of the chosen vocabulary, make a list if necessary, if everyone’s using different words for different commands then you’re going to have one very confused and perplexed pooch on your hands. The training method must be the same; the way you’re using to train your puppy/dog to follow a command everyone else must do the same.

Try to keep the household involved each step of the way if you can as then your canine pal won’t just look to one individual for all his/her needs, if you’re suddenly poorly one day then the others around you know how to look after the family doggy too.

Let, and encourage the kids to feed and exercise the dog. Take them along on vet visits so they can learn what’s required to look after a dog and see the responsibility needed. The most important thing is to make certain that each member of the family, including the pooch, comprehends what they should be doing. Obviously once the commands are understood and your doggy pal’s carrying them out to perfection then the training method’s not so important, but the words are. Even when your dog can perform all the commands brilliantly, you must still use the same words.

Training needs to be consistent, firm but kind and the main attribute you and your family require is bucket loads of patience; remain calm and if you feel your pooch is tiring and growing restless simply stop. There’s always another day tomorrow to try again with a refreshed mind and a refreshed pooch!

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