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Barking Puppies

Barking is a natural form of communication for puppies just as talking is for you and I, you do not wish to stop this behaviour completely but perhaps simply tone it down a shade or two. Your puppy will bark for numerous different reasons including trying to alert you to the fact that there is something unfamiliar happening and they are not happy or to answer other puppies and dogs. They will also bark if they are excited or playing and, probably the most common reason, to grab your attention!
Now nobody is saying that you should stop your puppy barking completely as all canines bark, well apart from the remarkable Basenji breed. The barking should be kept under control though because if you do teach your puppy to limit its barking then the chances are you will end up with a fully grown adult dog barking for all to hear.

There are several ways to stop your puppy from barking and the initial thing to do is to ascertain the reason for the barking.

Some puppies could be barking at every single person or object that passes by your front gate if this is the case then apply some sensible thinking and remove your puppy from the stimuli, the movement that is creating the problem, simply do not allow him/her to sit by the gate.

One method that you can use is known as a ‘noise association’ method. Prior to using this though please check with your vet as some puppies can be super sensitive and this way can upset them rather than help them.

The concept is to cause a distraction momentarily which will stop the puppy from continuing with the unwanted behaviour, in this instance barking, you can use any item that makes a noise. A favourite one to use is a bunch of keys, simply drop them on the floor away from the puppy and the split second that he/she stops barking through surprise praise and give a command such as ‘quiet.’

If you do not fancy the ‘noise’ way then you could also use one of the puppy’s soft toys just wave it in front of the puppies nose and again as soon the pup ceases to bark then praise and allow them the toy.

If you feel that your puppy is purely barking for attention then the best way to deal with this is to blankly ignore him/her. Now this is hard enough with an adult dog but a cute puppy with imploring eyes is even harder, you must contain yourself and discover your nerves of steel and turn your back!

Puppies are similar to children in the way that once they find their voices there is no stopping them, you just need to be firm and picture the potential nightmare that could arise once your puppy grows up.

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