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One of the most frequent complaints about canine behaviour is barking. Aside from the aggressive dog the barking dog is probably the pet annoyance of several non-dog owners.
Barking is, of course, a natural response and form of communication for dogs. They possess an inherited predisposition to bark as an alarm call when other dogs or people approach their home. The place that they live becomes their territory and everyone in that place also belongs to their particular pack.

With a completely different tone and pattern dogs also bark during playtime with each other, they coax one another on with their barking. Sometimes dogs will bark just because they can hear another dog barking in the distance or they will communicate their excitement to you by barking.

It is not a simple habit to break and to be honest you do not wish to break it completely. A barking dog in your property is a good deterrent for would be intruders. They will not know from outside whether it is a Chihuahua or a Rottweiler barking!
Dogs can be trained to stop barking on command; you need to choose a word unlike any other word used within your dog training. I use the word ‘quiet’ as this tends to sound completely different to any other words that I use.

As soon as your dog begins to bark say the word ‘quiet’ and when they stop instantly praise and reward with a treat. You can also do this to coax them to bark and use the word ‘speak’ as soon as they bark say the word and praise and reward but this time do not try to make them stop barking.

Barking dogs are, and probably always be, one of the enduring problems of dog owners. The truth is that barking is relatively effortless and is just such a natural response for many dogs that it can prove to be one of the trickier behaviours to eliminate.

In some cases it is advisable to stop worrying so much about the actual barking and deal with the circumstances that lead to the barking occurring. One of my dogs would bark each time we returned home in the car and one day I watched his behaviour. He would actually commence barking when I shut my car door and he was next to the car.

So I suggested that my husband just shut his car door and then begin to walk towards our gate with both dogs, I then shut mine whilst they were walking away. It worked perfectly and now Murphy goes back into the house silently.

A lot of the issues often observed in dogs can be rectified by watching them and seeing what actions lead to the moment of the undesirable behaviour occurring.

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