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Every dog is an individual even within their own breed group they all have different characters and personalities, if someone was to mention that they owned Springer spaniels your thoughts would turn to a highly active and slightly mad dog. Not all Springer’s are like this though; believe it or not there are some relatively sane ones out there!

Although dogs possess different characters they all require the same basic needs and it is these needs which you must think about prior to obtaining a dog. One of the main requirements for any type of dog from the smallest right through to the biggest is exercise obviously the amount of exercise does vary depending on the breed. A Chihuahua is not going to appreciate a five mile hike whilst chasing their ball at the same time but a Border collie would thrive on this kind of exercise. The Chihuahua would enjoy a steady stroll around the local park and a trundle off the lead but the Border collie would probably yawn at the whole concept of a ‘trundle.’

Your dog’s diet is of paramount importance as dogs that are not fed a healthy and balanced diet can experience weakness, lethargy and issues with their skin and coat. Dogs need to be fed a high quality, premium food where one of the primary ingredients is ‘real’ meat, you generally do receive what you pay for with dog food and the cheaper ones contain the cheaper ingredients.

Because dogs are essentially pack animals they crave company and social interaction. They need to spend quality time with their owners to strengthen their bond, by spending the time with your dog you are cementing his/her position within the ‘pack’ and this will help your dog to feel secure and happy. Dogs require the opportunity to meet and greet new people and new dogs, through meeting other dogs they are able to interact with one another and this is very important. If your dog is not presented with the chance to meet others it will undoubtedly make him/her wary of strange dogs and this can often lead to behaviour problems.

Basic training and mental stimulation are also required by your dog as there is nothing worse than a bored dog and boredom very often leads to destructive behaviour. A great tip is to try your dog with one of the many toys available which you fill with treats and when the dog rolls or moves the toy in a certain direction another treat is released.

Providing your dog with discipline and structure are vital as your dog needs to see you as the ‘alpha’ because if they have nobody to lead them they can feel very anxious, with you holding the lead position your dog can relax and enjoy life to its fullest.

There are many other basic points to consider when it comes to being able to offer your dog a balanced and happy life such as providing veterinary care when needed, grooming, offering a safe and secure garden and developing a routine with your dog as dogs love routine. If you do not feel that the time is right for you to be able to offer these basics then perhaps now is not the right time for you to consider owning a dog.

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