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At One with your Dog

To move away from dogs just for a moment it is believed that horses can actually feel everything that their rider is feeling. They do this through their reins as this is the point of communication from rider to horse, the horse senses all the emotions of the rider in its mouth via the reins.
Now to bring the dog into the article nicely the same thing occurs between dogs and their owners but this time the channel of communication is the lead.

When you take your dog’s lead ready for your walk you need to be confident and positive if you are nervous and negative then your clever canine will pick up on these feelings and also be the same way.

Most of you have probably heard of Cesar Millan and his series The Dog Whisperer. He has dealt with many ‘troublesome’ pooches during his series and the one common trait which Cesar always employs is to be confident. A dog can be causing problems and Cesar will walk in the room and approach the dog, nine times out of ten the dog will stop the behaviour and become more submissive. Immediately, through portraying confidence the dog respects the position of the dog trainer/handler, it knows they are in charge and what they say goes.

Now we are not all going to turn into Cesar Millan overnight but we can learn something from him and be confident around our dogs, hold our heads high and trust them to behave and believe that they can.

The best option to overcome your emotions travelling down the lead to your dog is through practice. The moment you overcome your personal fears you will help your dog to overcome theirs and the more they behave and enjoy your company the more you will learn to relax and then the whole procedure has a knock on effect. The more your dog behaves the more you enjoy your walks together.

If you spend enough time with your dog you will begin to comprehend their body language and start to predict how your individual dog will react and behave in a certain situation. Another big advantage is that you will naturally become more confident because you will be handling your dog and possess the ability to do so well. You will feel positive and this will be transferred via the lead to your dog. Your walk should be a positive and happy experience and through you expecting a positive outcome you are actually assisting to create one and help it to happen.

Being at one with your faithful friend is an amazing feeling the bond between an owner and his/her dog can be exceptionally strong and dogs can be so very loyal.

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