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Asking Too Much

In today’s modern world the emphasis always seems to be on rushing everywhere and hurrying the tasks we have set ourselves. I think that this has become the case when it comes to dog and puppy training.

Sometimes our canine chums are asked an incredible amount when you think about it, we not only expect them to train relatively easily but then also to remember every individual command we have taught them. Then as if this was not enough we think our faithful friends should instantly be happy when requested and well-behaved on demand.

So are we asking too much from our dogs? The problem is that as a society we have grown to expect tasks and challenges to be carried out quickly purely because there is simply no time these days for the word ‘slow’ in many a person’s vocabulary. Puppies and dogs learn through repetition and consistency and if you read any dog training books or articles you will discover that the key attribute from the owner is always patience.

Dogs deserve a gentle, kind and simple approach when it comes to their training regime and not a hurried session with no time to spare. The mood the owner happens to be in at the time will be sensed by the dog being trained, if it is one of anxiety due to feeling pressured by time then this will be picked up on and the dog will also become anxious. For them to learn well they need to be in a relaxed and fun environment, this is why many people will recommend keeping any sessions of training down to a maximum of 10 minutes. Dogs possess short spans of attention and puppies are even worse so they learn better during shorter but more frequent training sessions.

Do not automatically expect your pooch to comprehend your commands; they need to be shown what you wish from them. Keep a calm approach and stay happy and upbeat, with your attitude being positive you will display this to your dog and they will remain happy and in turn learn quicker.

You must be prepared to put in the effort and also the time to train your puppy or dog and if at times it feels as though they are just not understanding you, stop for the day and return to the training session the following day.

Your dog will be only too thrilled to please you and will try his/her best to make sure you are happy but this does mean patience and understanding on your part, do not come across as the big bad ogre as if your dog is afraid of you they will only be carrying out instructions given through fear. Your dog should wish to do things asked through enjoyment and a genuine desire to please you as, at the end of the day, you are your faithful friend’s best friend just as much as he/she is yours.

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