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Anxiety in Puppies

Excessive barking, whining and biting, if your puppy is showing these kinds of behavior then maybe you as an owner should take a closer look to his condition. Babies may feel anxious once in a while, puppies too. Each puppy has his own personality and emotions. They are capable of being happy and hurt. They can also be afraid or worried of someone or something. Puppies may also exhibit some feelings and signs of anxiety.

Puppies are born sensitive to their environments. It’s in their nature to be aware of everything that happens around them because they will be guarding their owners when they grew up. Anxiety symptoms in puppies are caused by their sensitive nature. This sensitivity of puppies is becoming more of a problem if uncontrolled. Anxiety symptoms may vary from one puppy to another. There are also different reasons behind their actions brought by anxiety.

Generally speaking, puppies get used to the feeling of being with their owner. When the time comes that their owner needs to go out and can’t carry them along, puppies develop separation anxiety. They start to show distress and violent behavior. Your puppy can understand you. As their owner, you have to let them know that you will be back. Puppies can also exhibit this behavior if they are afraid of something like thunder, fireworks or adult dogs. In this case, try to make him relax by activities distracting his attention from the noise or the dog. A traumatic experience can also cause your puppy to feel anxious. Make him feel that you are his master will be there to prevent bad things from happening to him.

Puppy’s anxiety is not something that can easily be controlled. After you have tried all the efforts and there are no good results, you can always contact a veterinarian to further observe your puppy’s condition.

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