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Annual Vet Visit

When it comes to your dog’s annual vet visit there is so much more going on than simply the booster injections. The appointment is like an MOT for your dog as the vet should check their general health whilst they are there.

Your dog’s booster injections are vital for protection against all of the major canine diseases out there, it is a quick and painless procedure generally administered to the scruff at the back of their neck. Generally there are no side effects, if anything your dog may appear a little sleepier than normal but this could be down to the stress encountered with a vet visit anyway.

The vet will weigh your dog just to make sure there is no drastic change, a small increase or decrease is perfectly normal over the course of a whole year and would be expected. Any major alterations though will require looking into further and to be honest if there were any big changes you would have noticed a difference in your dog’s eating habits, either one way or the other, eating more or less food. Your dog’s heart rate will generally be listened to and the vet will feel your dog’s body to check for any suspicious lumps and bumps.

The dog’s teeth will be checked as will their eyes and ears and if your canine chum is micro chipped a scanner will be run over the neck area until the chip is located, if you have any concerns regarding your dog’s health your vet will be only to happy to discuss your worries with you.

You should have a health record card which was issued by the vet this will cover the years of your dog’s life and be filled in every year after your dog’s visit.

These vet visits are so important not only for the annual booster injection but also to have your faithful friend checked over properly by an expert, he/she may discover issues which you have missed. Nothing serious but perhaps your dog has popped on a bit more weight than they should have and the vet advises you to reduce the treats etc, etc.

You can ask for advice on worming treatments for your dog along with flea and tick treatments, your vet is there to help and not only when you have an appointment as most surgeries will let you speak with a vet if it is important. Never be afraid to ask a vet for some advice they would rather you did ask as ultimately the help you require is to help your dog and that is what veterinary care is all about.

Each year just prior to your appointment most vets will send out a reminder card to you just to ensure that you make an appointment and keep your dog’s booster injections and annual MOT going.

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