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Allergic Dogs

When people think of allergies connected with dogs they generally assume that the dog is causing an allergic reaction due to the fur but it might surprise some dog owners to learn that their dogs can also suffer from allergies.
If you notice your canine friend consistently scratching away at themselves then the chances are that they have developed an allergy to something; this is especially true if your dog seems to be scratching throughout the year and you cannot find any evidence of fleas or ticks. Now comes the tricky part, defining the exact cause of the allergic reaction in your dog!

Dogs can have food allergies, just like humans can. The main ingredient that is the culprit in many dogs is ‘soya’ now if you have altered your dog’s food recently then this might well be the answer; if it is then try a different food without soya being listed and see if this helps at all. Keep your dog on the new food for a period of at least 6 weeks and take note of the scratching, if it eases then this is obviously the problem.

If you happen to own a cat along with your dog you might find that your dog is actually allergic to your cat, as strange as this might sound it can be true.

Dogs are particularly allergic to long haired, male cats. If this is the case there are products available on the market that you can use on your cat, not great for your cat unfortunately as most of the products do involve washing your cat and most of them do not enjoy being washed! The treatments do work though and it will bring relief to your dog.

The initial step, as always, if you do suspect your dog has developed an allergy is to visit your vet as they will be able to advise you and possibly run some tests to help to ascertain what the problem could be.

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