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All For Show?

Unless you have been living in a cave in the middle of nowhere for the past few years you would of heard about Crufts, the annual prestigious dog show. Love it or hate it you have to admit that they are obviously doing something right because it has been running since the year 1891.
The thing that is hard to decipher with dog shows in general is the question of whom are they really for the dog or the owner?

Humans have always been very conscious of their appearance and image. They like to look good and for many people a dog is an extension of their image. The dog has to complete the image that they are trying to portray.

You will not very often observe a burly, 6’3” man walking a Chihuahua or a petite, 5’ woman walking a Rottweiler. Dogs are often selected for the way they look and dog shows are an excuse to show the world your pooch. Dogs of all shapes and sizes enter these shows and many of them, especially Crufts, is to discover the best bloodline, disposition and also training of the dogs and not just the one that is the most aesthetically pleasing.

If you watch the shows you cannot help but admire the handlers as it is evident that they have poured months of hard work into training their beloved dogs to appear. Their dogs know how to run around the show ring, how to sit in position and also how to stand in position to be checked by the judge.

Most of the dogs look as though they thoroughly enjoy the lifestyle and seem to thrive on it. Many are actually born into the show world and know no different.

They enjoy the attention and the pampering; it is part of their normal life. I prefer a dog that can jump in the mud and play in the stream without worrying about their appearance for the next show.

My dogs would rather walk over hot coals before they would be spotted running around a show ring with their noses in the air but they have not been born into that world and are purely common, scruffy mutleys!

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