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Akita History

The Akita originated in Japan and it is one of the seven breeds of dog that have been designated as National Monuments of the country. The Akita derived from the ancient hunting dogs that resided in the northern part of Honshu Island.
Today this specific area is called Akita Prefecture and this is where the name for this magnificent breed comes from.

Akita Prefecture is an exceedingly mountainous region and the ancient hunting dogs would hunt elk, boar and even small bears. They would stalk their prey and work in pairs or larger groups, much the same as wolves.

To the Japanese the Akita is thought of as a symbol of good health and also as a protector of the home. When a new baby is born the family receive a small statue of an Akita which they must display in a prominent position within their home. It is thought that the statue will bring happiness, health and longevity to the baby.

If a person is poorly they will also receive a statue of an Akita from friends and family as it represents good health and a fast recovery.

In 1937 the initial Akita was brought into America by Helen Keller. During the conclusion of World War II whilst the American soldiers were in Japan the Akita became extremely popular with them. They admired the dog because of its nobility and stature but also due to its gentle nature. They liked them so much that many of the dogs accompanied the soldiers back to America to live with them and their families.

The soldiers worked hard to establish the Akita breed in the USA and they eventually achieved this in 1972 when the breed was officially registered with the American Kennel Club.

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