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A Puppy’s Age

Deciding that you want to welcome a new puppy into your home is a big enough decision in itself let alone trying to decide where exactly to obtain a puppy from as there are numerous routes available.

Irrespective of the puppy’s starting point in life one of the most important facts is its age when it is homed. Too many puppies are taken away from their mother and siblings whilst they are still far too young to be without their canine family.

Puppies learn a wealth of information from their mother and also from their littermates and therefore it is vital that they remain with them until they are at least eight weeks old. There have been reports of puppies being homed as young as five weeks old, this is bad news for the puppies and, however difficult it might seem at the time, you should actually refuse to take a puppy as young as this to be honest.

The problem with puppies leaving their mothers at the age of five to six weeks is that they have barely been weaned and have not been presented with the opportunity to actually become dogs yet. They have not been taught any of the ‘life’ rules that they so desperately need to be taught by their mother and siblings.

A puppy at this tender age does not comprehend the fact that they are not supposed to be playing quite as rough and they have not been taught how to inhibit their bite, they have also not learnt that there is such a thing as hierarchy and a natural pack order meaning that they are probably running around doing exactly what they feel! A puppy as young as five to six weeks old would not have been given its first injection for protection against the major canine diseases as this is done at eight weeks old. They are naturally immunized from their mother’s milk but this will be virtually gone and as said they would not have received their initial vaccination yet.

A reputable source will not permit a puppy to leave their premises prior to them being eight weeks old, they might allow people to visit the puppies and select the one they would like but that is it.

Now if you are adopting a puppy from a rescue centre the rules will be the same however the centre may feel it is in the puppy’s best interest to be homed as soon as possible therefore the pup may well only be five to six weeks old. Your best option here is to ensure you keep the puppy away from other dogs, apart from those you know are vaccinated, and as soon as he/she is eight weeks take them along to the vet to be vaccinated.

You will also need to pay extra attention and time to socializing your puppy to make up for the time lost with their mother and littermates.

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